How to deal with the new crown of pregnant women?

This morning, we released "The old man won the new crown, how to deal with it?"The article, many pregnant mothers leave a message saying that we hope that we write an article about pregnant women, they are also worried, what if they are infected?Can the vaccine be hit?There is no effect on the fetus?How to take medicine?What should I do if I have delayed delivery?Today we will answer these questions.

What does this article mainly include the impact of the new crown on the fetus?What are the symptoms of new crowns in pregnant women, is it serious?How to prevent the new crown of pregnant women?How to treat the new crown of pregnant women?What are the cases need to see a doctor urgently?What should I do if I missed the inspection?

Before talking about the specific content, let’s talk a few principles.

1) First of all, the mentality must be adjusted, and the infection is rising, and you should try not to be anxious.Because from the current data, the prognosis of pregnant women’s infection is very good. Even if the infection is infected, more than 95%of the newborn will not be infected, and the state is good.

2) If you accidentally infected and have symptoms, you can take medicine. Don’t stand it, and don’t feel that modern medicines are harmful, then switch to traditional drugs or recipes.avoid.

3) Learn a certain knowledge and know when it is a serious situation. You need to see a doctor. This will be in detail.

4) For pregnant women or intended to get pregnant, you can get a new crown vaccine. This is the mainstream of international opinions.Although there are some different suggestions in China.

5) During pregnancy, try to be checked on time and pay attention to your physical condition. For example, blood pressure must be controlled, and the weight must be controlled. This will reduce and risk hospitalization even if the new crown is infected.


What impact does the new crown have on the fetus and yourself?

Pregnant women are infected with new crowns. Everyone is worried about two, one is to the fetus, and the other is to the pregnant woman himself.

1. For the fetus

After pregnant women are infected with new crowns, the ending of newborns is usually good.There is no clear evidence that SARS-COV-2 can pass through the placenta and infect the fetus.

Therefore, more than 95%of the newborns born of SARS-COV-2 positive mothers are not infected and their birth is good.Some newborn have mild infection symptoms (that is, no breathing support). Most of these cases spread the virus through the respiratory tract droplets when they are exposed to infected mothers or other caregivers after birth.

2. For pregnant women themselves

It should be noted that because most of the pregnancy ending data comes from the research published before the surge in Omircor’s mutation at the end of 2021, and Omikon began to be more than one year, so the relevant information is still very limited.Therefore, the following conclusions are for reference only for the current popular Omir Rong, and there is no need to worry too much.

Compared with pregnant women who do not get new crowns, pregnant women infected with new coronal viruses are more likely to have complications.For example: the risk of premature birth (born as early as 37 weeks), cesarean section, and death may increase, but this situation may only be seen in those who are infected with advanced pregnancy infection with severe or critical illnesses;One of the risks of hypertension during pregnancy may also increase; pregnant women infected with new crowns may also be more likely to have other pregnancy complications; however, the risk of natural abortion or congenital malformations of future generations has not increased.

By the way, you remind everyone that even infected with the new crown, naturally encouraging natural delivery.The infection of the new crown is not a indicator of cesarean section, because cesarean section will increase the risk of maternal maternal, and it is unlikely to improve the ending of newborns.


What are the symptoms of the new crown of pregnant women?

is it serious?

Omikon’s infectivity is very strong, and it can be said that it is invincible.What are the symptoms of the new crown during pregnancy?Is there anything different from ordinary people infection?

1. Symptoms

If pregnant women are infected with new coronary viruses, there may be no symptoms and may have symptoms.Asymptomatic cases are common, but the proportion is not completely clear.There are symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, discomfort, headache, muscle pain, etc., and severe illness can cause shortage of breathing, dyspnea, hypoxia and even respiratory failure.

After pregnant women suffer from new crowns, symptoms are usually similar to non-pregnancy patients, but some studies have found that compared with those who are not pregnant, there are fewer fever, cough, dyspnea and dyspnea and dyspnea and dyspnea and dyspnea.Steriper.

Please pay attention here to pay attention:

◆ Pay attention to the identification of normal pregnancy reaction.Because some of the symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to the symptoms of normal pregnancy, it is easy to confuse, such as fatigue, shortness of breath, nosebleed, nausea/vomiting. This should be considered when evaluating symptoms without fever.

◆ The results of the test and inspection are similar to those of non -pregnancy people.However, it is also necessary to pay attention to some special circumstances, such as abnormal examinations (such as: increased liver enzymes and decreased platelets) may be caused by COVID-19, or it may be caused by pregnancy complications (such as early eclampsia). Pay attention to pay attention to.Identification.

◆ Early symptoms are similar to symptoms such as influenza and colds.The early symptoms of COVID-19 may be similar to a variety of other viral and bacterial respiratory infections, such as flu.At the same time, patients with influenza and new crowns may have severe complications and deaths. It is recommended that all pregnant women vaccinate the flu vaccine as early as possible. In the future, other family members or caregivers who will closely come into contact with newborns will also recommend vaccination in advance.

2. Severe disease

First of all, most (> 90%) patients have mild symptoms, and they can recover without being hospitalized.

However, compared with non-pregnant women, pregnant women and postpartum women suffer from COVID-19 severe diseases.Pregnancy may increase COVID-19, such as check-in ICU, mechanical ventilation and ventilation support, and risk of death.In particular, those with symptoms have the risk of COVID-19 severe sequelae higher than those of non-pregnancy women.Compared to pregnant women who are not infected or asymptomatic, the risk of some pregnancy complications (such as: premature) may also rise.

These dangerous situations often occur in women with dangerous factors, so if you have these factors, you need to be a little careful, and some factors can still be corrected. The main risk factors include: older (especially ≥35 years old) obesityThere are not vaccination with complications (especially hypertension and diabetes or more than one complication)

The good news is that although pregnancy is a high-risk factor for severe COVID-19, this is mainly in the infection caused by the SARS-Cov-2 Delta mutant strain.Due to the decrease in the poisoning power of Omiko mutant in China, the severity of pregnant women COVID-19 may also decrease.

The following are some studies in South Korea and Japan (what you don’t want to see can be passed), and it can also help us understand more about Omikon’s disease severity, which is much reduced than before:

A Korean retrospective study in 2022 found that after the occurrence of Omikon’s mutant strains, the incidence of maternal women and the incidence of moderate to severe diseases decreased.Among the pregnant women who have been vaccinated at least one dose of vaccine, the severity of the disease is also low.

A retrospective study in Japan found that in the symptoms of new crowns hospitalized pregnant women, the clinical characteristics and severity of the diseases of Delta and Omiroko mutant strains are different.During the popularity of Omikon, runny nose and sore throat are more common, while fatigue and smell disorders are rare.Pregnant women who are in the third trimester of pregnancy are more serious. Compared with pregnant women infected with Delta’s mutant strains, pregnant women infected with Omikon variants need non -invasive oxygen support (that is, common nasal pipe or mask absorption).There are fewer patients with dexilis or steroid hormones.Vaccine has a protective effect on preventing severe diseases.

A retrospective study in India also shows that compared with the first two waves of epidemic, in the third wave of the epidemic led by Omikon, the mortality and incidence of maternal mothers have declined significantly.The vaccination rate of Indian pregnant women is also very low (only 6.3%of pregnant women have been vaccinated for two doses of vaccine during the third wave of epidemic).


How to prevent the new crown of pregnant women?

It is also a particularly important content, because the new crown is still more anxious for pregnant women, so it is best to prevent it.However, it is also said that prevention contains two levels, one is to prevent infection, and the other is to prevent complications and severe illnesses. In the background of the popularity of Omikon today, it is difficult to prevent infection. Therefore, we focus on our focus.Ko Kai on the prevention and complications.In order to achieve the above prevention goals, we must work hard:

1. vaccine vaccination

This is currently the most effective prevention measures.Due to the increase in the risk of severe infection itself, although the initial large vaccine test about COVID-19 was not included in pregnant women and breastfeeding women, the information about the vaccine pregnant women later showed thatThe periodic vaccine can reduce the risk of COVID-19 and reduce the severity of the breakthrough infection. At present, all evidence supports the safety of the existing SARS-COV-2 vaccine before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy.Essence

At present, UPTODATE and mainstream medical organizations and public health institutions have suggested that those who have not vaccinated vaccines, those who have not vaccinated, or those who have recently become pregnant (refer to at least 42 days after pregnancy), regardless of the pregnancy or breastfeeding state, they should fully vaccinate COVID as soon as possible-19 vaccine.When eligible, it is also recommended to vaccinate the vaccine.

However, it is also reminded that the domestic proposal about the vaccination of the new crown vaccine is a bit different from the abroad. I also list it for everyone.At present, the "Guide to the New Correction Virus vaccination technology (first edition)" still lists "pregnancy women" as the contraindication of vaccination of the new crown vaccine:

However, the "Expert Consensus of the New Women’s New Coronatte Virus Pneumonic Vaccine Vaccine for Pregnancy during Pregnancy" released in 2021 pointed out that for women with risk factors and women in high -risk areas in the epidemic, women may exceed predictable risks that can be predated.Therefore, in the absence of contraindications, these women should be proposed to vaccine:

2. Personal protection measures

These measures are not different from ordinary people.For example, wearing a mask, maintaining a social distance, frequently wash your hands with soap and water, or use the handwashing fluid containing at least 60%of alcohol to open the window to maintain good ventilation.

From building cards to childbirth during pregnancy, you need to go through multiple production inspections. These may not be a big problem in normal times, but when the epidemic situation is serious, densely populated places such as hospitals will also increase the risk of cross -infection.Pregnant mothers should pay special attention to work as well as possible.

Wash your hands correctly

☆ Friendly reminder: Correctly washing hands is very critical to reducing microbial communication, including the spread of new coronal viruses.In daily life (especially before and after meals), it is enough to use soap and flowing water for at least 20 seconds to kill many viruses and bacteria.Bacteria and Nuo Ru virus, but alcohol is invalid for these two microorganisms.

The soap looks ordinary, but the molecular structure is amazing. It contains the hydrophilic head (carboxyl) and the tail (hydrocarbon group) of the lipid. When the soap encounters a lot of viruses (including the new crown virus)The lipid shell of the virus causes the virus’s outer membrane to disintegrate, and with the debris and dirt of the dead virus, forming a "micro group" washed away by water.

Pictures from the network

Specific methods, you can refer to the seven -step washing method in the figure below:

Image source: Guangdong Provincial Disease Prevention and Control Center

3. Reduce contact with patients as much as possible

If you or your family is infected with a new crown, follow the isolation guide.The specific method is the same as other people. You can refer to the following:

1) If possible, try to have a separate bedroom and bathroom.If possible, let them have a separate space activity.Try to keep a safe distance of 2 meters.Here we must pay attention to the complete non -slip facilities in the bathroom (non -slip pads, armrests, etc.) to prevent falling as much as possible.

2) If the first article is difficult to do, that is, only the space can be shared, then try to ventilate as much as possible, and help air flow by opening the window or using ventilation equipment.

3) Eat separately. Generally speaking, pregnant women can eat in their own room.When cleaning the tableware, remember to use hot water and gloves.

4) Do not share tableware and washing utensils.

5) Specify wearing masks

It is recommended to wear a mask; the caregiver is recommended to wear a mask to put it on before entering the pregnant woman’s room.

6) You need to wear gloves when you contact blood, vomit, feces and urine.

7) Wash your hands frequently. Remember not to be shorter than 20 seconds.You can use soap and water to wash. If there is no soap, you can also use the free washing solution containing more than 60% of the alcohol concentration.In addition, you should also avoid dirty hands contact with mouth, nose and eyes.

8) Encouraging caregivers perform new crown antigen detection at home. If you are positive, remember to report it according to the relevant process.

9) Care also needs to pay attention to their own health. If the symptoms of new crowns occur, contact the doctor in time.

10) In addition, you also need to pay attention to identifying the crisis, that is, what situations need to go to the hospital, I will talk about this in detail.

☆ Friendly reminder: If there are pregnant women in the family, they must be cautious in the choice of disinfection agents. Misuse and abuse may cause adverse consequences such as respiratory tract and skin allergies, which is counterproductive.No matter how powerful the effect is, it is not possible to replace protective measures such as correct hand washing.

4. Drug prevention

Whether it is pre -exposed or exposed prevention, currently lacks available drugs in China.


How to treat the new crown of pregnant women?

If the prevention fails and eventually the infection is still infected, then what needs to be faced next is how to treat it.At this time, first don’t worry about it yourself, calm down.First of all, it depends on whether there are symptoms. If there are symptoms, and then see if there are severe signals, you need to know when to go to the hospital and master these knowledge in advance. You do n’t have to panic.Let me say one by one.

● For asymptomatic patients: Do a good job of infection control and isolation, monitor whether symptoms occur without treatment.Do not take various network legends to prevent severe medicine.

● For patients with symptoms: In addition to focusing on the dangerous factors of severe illness, observing the relevant performance of the intensive illness, and the identification of organs dysfunction or other complications, if the symptoms are severe and affect your own life, you can consider using drug treatment.There is no need to bear it, and the quality of life is very important.

At present, the treatment of new crowns is mainly divided into two categories: one is to relieve symptoms and the other is antiviral.

1. Drugs that relieve symptoms: This type of medicine can reduce discomfort such as fever and headache, but it will not shorten the duration of the symptoms, and will not change the course of the disease or improve the prognosis.

If pregnant women strongly want to relieve symptoms, they can use the following drugs that are relatively safe for fetuses.However, it is also reminded not to be abused.Fever/headache/sore throat: Acetaminol is the preferred heat -relieving analgesic drug during pregnancy.If the new crown infection causes abnormal liver function, the potential hepatic toxicity of acetaminol should be considered when medication.Try to avoid using non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen during pregnancy (may be related to bad pregnancy and the end of infant).Runny nose, sneezing: The first choice of saline nasal rinse or spray.Nasal congestion: The use of steam humidifiers to wet air can help relieve symptoms.Hydroxyloline nasal spray is not encouraged to be used during pregnancy, unless the symptoms are very serious, they can be used for short -term use under the guidance of a doctor.It is not recommended that pregnant women use pseudoharamine and other hypertrophy.Cough: You can use You Meishafen, but it is recommended to use it for short -term symptoms.Anti -allergic drugs: Setrizine, dectorrho, and chlorophenamin can be used safely during pregnancy.It is not recommended that pregnant women use compound cold medicines because it may contain components that are not suitable for pregnant women.

2. Anti -virus drug: It mainly includes Paxlovid (Parorwed). This is a prescription drug that needs to be prescribed after a comprehensive evaluation of a doctor, and it can only be obtained by designated medical institutions.

If it meets any of the following conditions, the new crown case of pregnant women can also be used safely, and it is recommended that the earlier use the better. It is recommended to use within 5 days of the symptoms: immunosuppressive state (such as long -term use of hormones, etc.);History of chronic diseases, etc.;

Other antiviral drugs are currently only available abroad. These also belong to prescription drugs. There are clear indications and needed doctors to use it.

3. Vitamin and other supplements: There is no high-quality data to support vitamin C, vitamin D or zinc to alleviate COVID-19.Therefore, the National Institute of Health (NIH) does not recommend or opposes the use of vitamin C, vitamin D or zinc for COVID-19 treatment.

The specific medication, at the end of the article, we also give you a summary of a form, you can pay attention.


What are the cases

Need to see a doctor urgently?

As we said above, most of the new crown pregnant women do not need to see a doctor, and we can do it ourselves, but we need to observe our physical changes closely. If there are some serious signals, you need to see the doctor urgently.I listed these dangerous signals: persistent headaches, dizziness, and fever; severe edema; dyspnea; thoracic pain or heartbeat to speed up; severe nausea and vomiting; abdominal pain; vaginal bleeding or abnormal secretions, etc.; I was not sure.The reason why this one is listed is that after all, most of us do not have a medical background. Sometimes the above situation is not allowed, so if you are worried, you can go to the hospital for help, don’t hesitate.


In case of misunderstanding

what to do?

After that, the more serious situation above, let’s talk about another problem that everyone cares about is that if the new crown is infected, it is estimated that the birth checkup will be delayed. What can I do?According to the opinions of the American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology and other professional society, we also summarize the issues related to the production inspection:

1. Some important checkups, try to make an appointment in advance and check in time.If conditions permit, try to arrange a variety of tests at once at once (for example, non -neutralized, diabetes screening and infection screening). In case of delay, you can consult your doctor if you can make up for other examinations in the later period.If you have any questions, you can also obtain the guidance of a professional doctor through online consultation.

2. Although some production test items (such as: blood drawing, B -ultrasound, fetal heart monitoring) can indeed only be done in the hospital, there are also many things. In fact, they can also be completed at home through self -monitoring., Counting the movement.

In addition, even at home, you must create proper exercises, of course, you must consciously do diet control.For women with normal weight before pregnancy, in the middle and third trimester, the weekly weight growth should not exceed 0.48kg.

The epidemic makes pregnancy extremely difficult.It is recommended that you are at home during pregnancy. If you have enough time, you can reserve more scientific knowledge and make some useful preparations. For example, communicate with doctors to discuss the method of childbirth and prepare for postpartum breastfeeding.Follow -up, make the worst plans, and make the most comprehensive plans.

Remind pregnant mothers again that when you go to the hospital for examination, you must take personal protection measures, and hope that everyone will spend the entire pregnancy.

Finally, we made a form mentioned above, so that we made a form for everyone to collect and pass on:

May everyone go well, cross the winter, and welcome spring!

Source: Science Popularization China

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