How to deal with a cold during pregnancy and tell you the method

In the current society, there are many things, and there are many additives, so neither ordinary people or pregnant women can not eat more.When it comes to this topic, let’s talk about what should I do if pregnant women have a cold during pregnancy? Should I take medicine or should I take some fruits to prevent it?

Can I take medicine when I have a cold during pregnancy?

Colds during pregnancy are very common. The body’s resistance decreases during pregnancy, and it is easy to catch a cold.During pregnancy, the requirements for food are already very high. Many foods that I usually eat can no longer be eaten, let alone take medicine, but also be careful.Many expectant mothers have a cold during pregnancy and hold back the medicine for their children, but the symptoms of a cold may not necessarily be alleviated.During pregnancy, any trace of the mother’s body will affect the development of the fetus in the abdomen. Many scholars believe that during pregnancy, it is best not to use oral drugs easily. If you must use it, you must follow the doctor’s advice.So can pregnant women take medicine when they are pregnant? Learn these tricks and teach you to easily deal with colds during pregnancy.

Can I take medicine when I have a cold during pregnancy? Teach you how to relax you

Can I take medicine when I have a cold during pregnancy?

Generally speaking, if it is a slight cold and finds it earlier, don’t take medicine, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, you cannot use any drugs, because the first three months is a critical period.However, if the symptoms of a cold are very serious and cause complications, you must take the medicine, otherwise it will affect the normal development of the fetus. However, you must follow the doctor’s advice when taking the medicine, and choose the drug that will not affect the fetus.I also remind you of expectant mothers that if you have any uncomfortable body during pregnancy, you must communicate with your family. Do not support it yourself and delay it carefully.Here I will teach you a few tricks to deal with the little tricks that don’t catch a cold.

Special reminder: Such methods are only suitable for symptoms and not particularly serious colds

First, diet.Apple honey water, green onion and garlic porridge, ginger radish soup can alleviate the symptoms of colds.Drink more hot water at the same time.

Second, hot water soak your feet.The water temperature can be a little bit higher, soak it on the body.

Third, breathing steam.When the first pregnant woman has a cold, pour boiling water in the cup and take a deep breath at the heat. Until the water in the cup, it can reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion several times a day.

Fourth, the hot wind blows.When pregnant women have a cold, they can blow the hot wind for 3 to 5 minutes at the temples at the beginning of a cold, which can reduce the symptoms several times a day.

Fifth, physical therapy.If a cold is accompanied by a fever, you can use ice to cool down.At the same time, massage and massage acupoints are assisted.

The physique of Asian women cannot be compared with European and American women. Therefore, they must be more careful during pregnancy. Food and medication must be cautious. Only in this way can it be better to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus.

1. Diet

1. Don’t pay too much attention to diet during early pregnancy. Even if you go to the hospital for consultation, the doctor will not give you a lot, and there is nothing to do.

2. Supplement a folic acid every day.

3. Personal summary: taboos: hawthorn, longan, crab, sea cucumber, abalone, papaya, mango, reverse seasonal food.Yiyu: grapefruit, apple, banana, navel orange, grapes (more navel oranges and grapefruit in the first three months).Eat less celery, my mother -in -law said.4. Even if the appetite is not good, a glass of milk, one cooked white egg, three kinds of vegetables, and three fruits are enough every day. These are enough to provide early nutrition (what the doctor said).After 16 weeks, the appetite is good. Don’t worry too much. I can eat it now.

5. Starting from 18 weeks of pregnancy, drink grain soy milk every day.Soak beans every night (soybeans, peanuts, millet, red beans, oats, corn residues, black sesame, walnuts, walnuts).Drink, pretty good.

Second, hygiene (the hygiene habits of pregnant mothers will affect the baby)

1. Wash the fart every day.Prepare special pots and towels. From the beginning of pregnancy, you should insist on washing your buttocks and changing panties every day.

2. Stick your feet before going to bed every day, don’t be too hot.

3. My mother -in -law said that she should often scrub breasts and underarms. If the nipples have small white dots, they should gently wipe them out to prevent blockage and lack milk.

4. Note: 1. Don’t lift heavy objects.2. Do not raise it (dry clothes and raise things), it is easy to sting and danger.3. Dry the sun every day and walk more.4. Record your physical condition, easily describe to the doctor at the hospital, and use a few minutes to take a look at the diagnosis.

After reading the article, we know, what should I do if I get pregnant during pregnant women? Try not to take medicine as much as possible, and you can eat a little pear water you boiled.In this case, it is good for your health. Do not take medicine casually. If you take it, you must be under the guidance of a doctor.

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