How to correctly use the pregnancy test stick to determine the pregnancy?

The pregnancy test stick is currently the preferred pregnancy testing tool for many women. Generally, it is judged by detecting the HCG content in the urine to determine whether it is pregnant.Many people do not know how to use the pregnancy test rod correctly and causing no way to look at the normal results.Let’s take a look at how to use the pregnancy test stick with Xiaomo!

1. The time to use the pregnancy test stick correctly

The main principle of the pregnancy test stick is to detect the HCG value in the human body. It mainly exists in urine and blood. It is a hormone secreted by the pregnant woman’s body.If you want to be accurate, you can check it in the aunt for about half a month. You need to choose morning urine as much as possible. At this time, hormones can be obviously detected by the pregnancy test stick.

2. Method of using the pregnancy test stick correctly

First of all, after opening the pregnancy test stick packaging box, bring the disposable plastic film gloves that are accompanied by the box, pinch the pregnancy test stick with the thumb and index finger, put the urine -absorbing end obliquely, contact the urine after the urine is exposed to urinePay attention to maintaining the time for about two seconds. Do not let the urine contact the observation window, otherwise it will directly affect the effect. After the steps are done, it will be judged for about one minute in about one minute. The result is the most accurate.

One bar

Generally, there is only one bar in the pregnancy test stick that is not pregnant at present and is negative.

Two bar

Generally, the two bar surfaces on the pregnancy test stick are currently pregnant and positive.At this time, you must go to the hospital to review it in time to understand the health of your body to ensure the health of yourself and your child.

Many pregnant women will encounter the deepening of the pregnancy test stick when they use the pregnancy test stick. What is going on?

If the control line appears obviously clear and the detection line is very shallow, it means that you may be pregnant, not necessarily that you are really pregnant.In this case, you need to collect morning urine to re -test with a new pregnancy test stick every two days.Therefore, the depth of the pregnancy test stick means that you may be pregnant, or you may not be pregnant, the probability of 50%.

Or this situation is because sperm and eggs are conceived outside the uterus, forming an ectopic pregnancy, which causes the pregnancy test stick to detect inaccurate, showing a shallow red line.This requires pregnant women to go to the hospital for treatment.

Xiaoma reminder: precautions for the pregnancy test stick

Before using the pregnancy test stick, pay attention to read carefully in advance, and then operate according to the steps above in the instructions. Do not drink a lot of water during the preparation of the pregnancy test stick to increase the amount of urine.Dilute hormones, and the use of drugs will also affect the use of drugs, so do not take other drugs before testing to avoid affecting the accuracy of the examination.

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