How to cope with pregnant women’s thyroid gland

Women’s thyroid diseases during pregnancy are very common, so women must actively check thyroid function when preparing for pregnancy or early pregnancy.It is better to go to a regular hospital to actively screen thyroid function before 8 weeks of pregnancy.

First, why do I need thyroid examination during pregnancy?

Generally speaking, pregnant women need to be checked when they are under construction. If the results of some inspections do not meet the standards, they need to be reviewed during pregnancy. Now many pregnant mothers will notify the thyroid gland when there are problems with the thyroid gland during routine birth checkup., Need to do endocrine examination again, many people will think that this is an extra examination, whether the hospital is to earn a registration fee.In fact, not, this is mainly to confirm whether the pregnant mother suffers from hyperthyroidism or hyperthyroidism, because if these two diseases are not discovered in time, they will directly affect the development of the fetus and even affect the intelligence of children.Thyroid examinations and endocrine examinations during pregnancy are essential.

2. What are the nia gland examination items in pregnant women?

1. Trinity trioxyine of serum (TT3)

Total methamphetamine is referred to as T3, which is produced by thyroid foaming epithelial cells.Detecting the total T3 content (TT3) in the blood is a more sensitive indicator of the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism.

2. Total thyroxine (TT4)

Thyroxine is referred to as T4, all produced by thyroid.Testing the total T4 content (TT4) in the blood is a common indicator of judging hyperthyroidism (commonly known as "hyperthyroidism") or thyroid dysfunction (commonly known as "hypothyroidism"). At the same time, it has application value for severity evaluation and curative effect monitoring.

3. Promotion of thyroid hormone (TSH)

The abbreviation of thyroid hormones, referred to as TSH, mainly controls the thyroid gland. It can promote the manufacturing of thyroid hormones. It can also promote the release of the manufacturing thyroid hormone into the blood. It also plays an important role in the growth and new metabolism of the thyroid gland itself.The changes in serum TSH concentration are indicators that reflect the sensitivity of thyroid function.

4. Serum iodine -derived thyroidine (FT3) and serum across the thyroxine (FT4)

The serum tie -lubble thyroleine is referred to as FT3, and the serum luminosainer is referred to as FT4.Although FT3 only accounts for 0.35%of T3 and FT4 accounts for only 0.025%of T4, they are closely related to the biological effects of thyroid hormones.Diagnosis of hyperthyroidism.

Third, the harm of pregnant women’s nia glands?

Due to changes in hormone levels in the body during pregnancy, they may suffer from thyroid diseases. The most common of which are hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, that is, thyroid dysfunction and hyperthyroidism.

If thyroid disease cannot be treated in time, it may pose a threat to maternal and infant health.For mothers, it may cause pregnancy hypertension, premature placental peeling, natural abortion, and premature birth; for the fetus, it may cause delay in the fetal palace, fetal physical defects, deformities, low weight, etc., and even cause infantsDevelopment of nerves and intelligence.

For high -risk groups of thyroid diseases, such as personal history and family history of thyroid disease, those with previous thyroid antibody positive, thyroid surgical resection, those who have immune diseases or family history, etc., should be screened before pregnancy.If you find that thyroid diseases should be treated first before pregnancy.

Fourth, what should I do if pregnant women’s nia glands?

The level of thyroid hormone levels should be performed during pregnancy. Due to certain symptoms of thyroid diseases such as weight gain, fatigue, edema, etc., they are easily mistaken for the performance of pregnancy, so pay special attention to identification.In addition, pregnant women during pregnancy should eat more iodine -containing foods such as kelp, seaweed, sea fish, etc., and regularly monitor urinary iodine.

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