How to choose skin care products during pregnancy?You can’t make mistakes according to this selection guide

After pregnancy, every expectant mother is very cautious, for fear that a small negligence will affect the baby in the belly.

Especially on the issue of skin management, how to skin care during pregnancy?What kind of product should I choose?Maybe nine of the ten expectant mothers are inaccurate. After all, the voice around this topic is too noisy-

What skin care products do you use when you are pregnant!Just eat and drink well!

Skin care products basically contain chemical components, which will be absorbed by the fetus, endangering the health of the baby, and the safest to facing the sky.

… …

Is it really?Don’t be around them!You must be beautiful when you are pregnant!

You know, after pregnancy, the level of hormone in the expectant mother’s body will change greatly. Skin metabolism and surface skin water content will decrease, making the skin state unstable, concentrated manifestations of dryness and fragility, or strong sebaceous gland secretion, greasy, acne growing, Easy to sensitive inflammation and other symptoms.

If you want to leave these problems to postpartum, daily skin care is still necessary.

So, how to choose cosmetics during pregnancy?The old editor summarizes a simple and easy -to -remember universal rule- "Five Do not" principle.

When choosing skin care products, expectant mothers will basically not step on the mine as long as they follow this rule.

分 Do not diminish class A ingredients

Vitamin A usually appears in the form of vitamin A, vitamin A, and vitamin A. After being absorbed by the skin, it will also be converted into vitamin A acid.

Victoria -A acid oral administration may cause fetal defects. It is uncertain if it is impact on the fetus. It is recommended to stop.

For example, vitamin A alcohol, vitamin Adehyde, retinol palmate, vitamin A linoleic acid, etc., are more common in some anti -acne, whitening and anti -aging products.

➋ Do not want salicylic acid

It is an effective component of acne and acne. It usually has different effects according to the added concentration, which is more common in acne products.

酮 Do not need dhabenzone-3

It is a chemical sunscreen, which is currently a controversial ingredient.

Do not phenylphenol (hydrogen)

It is usually used as a whitening and freckle component in skin care, and is disabled in Chinese cosmetics.

二 Do not deotenate

Part of the phthalate has been disabled by all cosmetics in my country.This ingredient is the highest in cosmetics nail polish, and the aromatic ingredients of some cosmetics will also be used.

Therefore, do not use various nail polish, perfume, hair dye and other products with a large amount of chemicals during pregnancy. You must also do a good job of preliminary component inspection.

After speaking, the selection rules, of course, the recommendation list will not be less!

Still hesitating to change the skin care products to see here!From cleaning, moisturizing to sunscreen, we all pick you up!

In addition to perfectly follow the above "five do not want" principles, the price is also super powerful, making your wallets not affected, and your face is not guilty!

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No fragrance, taking into account cleaning and mildness

Amino acid facial cleanser

During pregnancy, the male hormones of expectant mothers will continue to increase, resulting in increased sebum secretion. Coupled with sweating in summer, excess sebum and hair follicles, creating an environment where bacteria can breed quickly, and more easily induced acne during pregnancy acne during pregnancy.Essence

Cleansing, as the first step of skin care, can remove most of the fat for you.Keeping the face 2 times a day during pregnancy can effectively alleviate the vigorous problem of oil.

In the choice of facial cleanser, it is recommended to prefer a facial cleanser, because it is the three types of facial cleanser of the facial cleanser, SLS / SLES facial cleanser, and amino acid facial cleanser.The skin is not slippery, not tight, and the cleaning power is also very excellent.

The point is that it is basically applicable anyway.In addition, many expectant mothers are very sensitive to the taste in the early pregnancy, and it is more secure to choose a fragrant facial cleanser.

Today, I recommend this cheap and easy -to -use fragrant amino acid facial cleanser -Histoire NatureLle Dorosamate foam cleansing.

It does not contain fragrance or component table without pregnancy and breastfeeding. There is no preservatives. Instead, a lot of moisturizers are added. Overall, it is quite mild.

However, some expectant mothers will worry about "gentle facial cleanser, will you not wash your face?"

In order to verify its cleansing power, we specially did a clean experiment.

Draw the lipstick and eyebrow pencil on the back of the hand, take an appropriate amount of facial cleanser with water and rub the foam, and then wipe off the foam with a cotton pad.Just rubbing a few times in that way, then unloaded it easily.

Moreover, the skin feels comfortable, not slippery, the skin is not dry and tight, and there is no slightest irritation.

Opening the group this time, buy 2, only 99 yuan!It is super cost -effective to fight for orders, or stocks.The cleansing throughout pregnancy is properly handed over to it!

If you want to try something new, you can buy it alone.120g lotus amino acid facial cleanser is only 56 yuan.

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Do not include pregnant women with cautious ingredients

Refreshing water milk

In order to effectively solve the problem of acne during pregnancy, in addition to proper cleansing can help you remove most of oil, moisturizing work is also critical.

Now that the hot summer, expectant mothers choose moisturizing milk, not only pay attention to the safety of ingredients without caution during pregnancy, but also consider whether the texture is thin.

This domestic water milk recommended by expectant mothers today -Runbaiyan water light and moisturizing water milk is the right thing!

Why do you say that?First of all, it does not contain a large amount of mineral oils and waxes, such as mineral oil, paraffin and other ingredients that can easily cause skin greasy and heavy skin feel. There is no fragrance -free preservative. It is a proper "mineral oil -free" formula.We are very friendly.

Secondly, it uses moisturizing ingredients such as Hoba seed oil, horned sharkane, sodium hyaluronate, and sodium hydrolyzed hyaluronate to ensure the moisturizing and hydrating effect of the lotion.

The white lotion texture can be turned on lightly.The key is the feeling of applying it to the skin. There is no thickness of the lard. Instead, there is an image of the skin of the skin to make frozen membranes and water membranes for the skin. It is refreshing and comfortable, and it is super easy to absorb.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers also have a headache: pigmentation.

The ingredients of this water milk are also added to nicotinamide, which can effectively inhibit melanin, block the metastasis of melanin to surface cells, strengthen cell metabolism, can repair the skin, enhance skin tolerance, cut off some channels for melanin synthesis,, Real the problem of uneven skin tone after the sun.

Therefore, while moisturizing the skin, it can also brighten the skin at the same time, refreshing and no burden, it is almost three!It can be called a pregnant mother for summer skin.

After daily cleansing, first apply the water and moisturizing ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate, and moisturizing ingredients, and then use lotion.

It only takes 2 steps to easily achieve dual moisturizing skin and closed -loop hydration.

Moreover, the texture of this moisturizing water is different from common toner. It is similar to gel, but it is thinner than gel.

There is almost no burden on the skin. It is not sticky and heavy at all. It is more light and moist than its star item hyaluronic acid raw liquid.

This time, the 120 mL water milk set settled in a limited time, and the cluster fell directly 249 yuan for a limited time. It only cost 328 yuan.It is equivalent to 5.6 % off!

Moreover, a bottle of 30 ml of water and lotion is also given.

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If you want to buy water or lotion alone, there will be benefits.

A single bottle of moisturizing water opening is only 179 yuan, and 1 bottle of 30 mL moisturizing water sample is also presented.A single bottle of emulsion is only 199 yuan, and a 30 mL lotion sample is also given.

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Can effectively prevent freckles during pregnancy

Whitening physical sunscreen

During pregnancy, pregnant women will be more sensitive to ultraviolet rays and easier to grow sunburn.During pregnancy, sunscreen, freckles will also come to the door.

Therefore, we must do sunscreen to prevent it before they occur.And no sun does not mean that there is no ultraviolet rays. Whether home or going out, sunscreen work must not be sloppy.

First of all, hard sunscreen must be in place, and avoid long -term out of time. Do a good job of supporting umbrellas and hats when going out.Secondly, using sunscreen on the basis of hard sunscreen, it is better to choose physical sunscreen.

Choose physical sunscreen, expectant mothers may wish to try this -Chuanxinuo whitening sunscreen lotion from Japan’s No. 1 and Three -thirds Pharmaceutical Company!It has no fragrance, mild and non -irritating, which can not only sunscreen, but also inhibit the effect of whitening the color spots to a certain extent.

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The SPF index of this sunscreen lotion is 35, PA +++, which is enough for daily commuting.

At a glance, the sunscreen is still a combination of classic titanium dioxide + zinc oxide.

And these two physical sunscreens use silicone oil for surface treatment, which can make the skin feel more smooth and refreshing, and it is not easy to produce the phenomenon of "drying" of physical sunscreen.

The Japanese formula is very particular about choosing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It can be better controlled whether it is skin and whitening.For example, although this product, although the content of physical sunscreen is relatively high, the superb surface treatment technology makes almost no white phenomenon on the skin.

The amount of addic acid (also known as coagulation acid) is ranked eighth in the formula, and it is confirmed that the additional value of the Japanese transmission of acid and whitening (estimated at about 2% to 3%) is confirmed.The effect of whitening, at the same time, is gentle and reliable, a product is very comprehensive.

Due to the use of the oil packaging system and adding a waterproof film, this product still has a certain waterproof ability, and the sun protection effect is more stable. Even if you go out in summer, you do n’t need to worry about weakening sunscreen.

Test directly: After applying sunscreen, you can see that the water is grained on the surface of the surface, and there will be no strong liquidity.

Let’s take a look at the comparison of two hands, the effect is more obvious:

Traditional pure physical sunscreens will be sticky and white, but this product is a flowing emulsion -shaped, very thin, and well spread.

In general, for the summer sunscreen of expectant mothers, mild and non -irritating is the first priority, and the composition of whitening must also be carefully selected.

If you want to combine whitening and sun protection, it may be a good thing worth trying.This sunscreen whitening lotion is naturally a good choice.

Sun protection, whitening (freckle) special certificate, complete ▼

I do n’t need to say the daily price. Everyone searches for it and knows that it is almost less than 300 yuan.

This time, the group was only 260 yuan, and the whitening essence, lotion, cream, sunscreen, and 4 pieces of samples worth 185 yuan were given.Is it super cost -effective!

If you want to strengthen the whitening effect, there are emulsion and creams in the whitening series of Transino in the samples of gifts, which can be used in cooperation.

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Alright, the above is the list of not stepping on the skin care for expectant mothers!Note that our opening deadline is at 24 o’clock on June 29th, and expectant mothers with demand, please hurry up to buy!

I hope that every expectant mother is beautiful during pregnancy ▼

The health of the little guy who cares in the belly is the responsibility of every expectant mother. The pursuit of beauty is also the right of expectant mothers as a woman. On the premise of ensuring the health of the baby, you can pursue your beauty and bloom your own charm.Bar!

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