How to choose skin care products during pregnancy?The red and black list of conscience pregnant women in history, have you stepped on the thunder?

As a hot topic and specific crowd, pregnant women’s skin care products will be influxed by a large number of advertisements and marketing.

The light and dark lines, which had been clearly conditioned, started black and white, because there were too many confusing audiovisual!

Therefore, skin care is really a metaphysics, especially in the stage of pregnancy. The specific problems still have to analyze it:

[Common misunderstandings for skin care during pregnancy]

Q1: After pregnancy, you don’t need skin care anymore

Many female friends don’t care about skin care at all after pregnancy.

"What skin care products do you use when you are pregnant? Just eat and drink well!"

Correct concept:

After pregnancy, the level of hormones in expectant mothers will change a lot, and the skin is more likely to have problems than usual. It is necessary to pay attention to care.

Moreover, skin problems during pregnancy may be brought to postpartum. If you do not pay attention to care, it is difficult to restore good skin before pregnancy.

Q1: The use of skin care products during pregnancy is harmful to baby’s health

"I heard that the chemical composition contained in skin care products will be absorbed by the fetus, endangering the health of the baby, and the safest to the sky."

There are a lot of expectant mothers like this.

Correct concept:

Pregnant mothers are easy to grow spots, become greasy or more dry, and the basic cleaning, moisturizing, and sun protection are very necessary.

Most skin care products are safe for pregnant women. If you do not contain the following ingredients, you can use:

At present, there are too many "pregnancy" skin care products that are mixed with fish and dragons on the market. Even every day shouting that she is a poem that can be used by pregnant women with the brand, and there are still pregnant women with caution with components!Intersection

Alan D is also a skin care brand for pregnant women, but the result of the actual investigation inevitably make me a little different. As a special brand of pregnant women, a series of products are developed for pregnant women.In this way, there are components of pregnant women with caution:

In the final analysis, it still depends on the ingredients!Intersection

The several skin care products recommended below are excluded from the risk level after my investigation (the safety level is from high to the end), refer to the selection:

TOP1: Dr Koch folic acid water milk set

This water milk can hang a number of niche or even high -end brands in a single round of components!Meixiu is green all the way, and when you look at it!What’s more, it is also unique in use!

First of all, the texture of the water milk surprised me, and it felt very soft.

The upper face will not feel sticky at all. Every time I give me a refreshing feeling of "like the spring breeze", it is really comfortable.

Moisturizing effect is absolutely!This is still the most proud of the Swiss -imported folic acid ingredients in the ingredients. The biggest role is to quickly infiltrate the hydration, activate the skin, and prevent pigmentation.The mildness of the product.

The color of the softening water is the color of folic acid itself. Only if the pigvolin does not add a certain concentration without adding a pigvolin, because the content of folic acid is high, the product must avoid high temperature preservation.

TOP2: Sea Blue Mystery Essence

With the atmosphere of the lady, the luxury and glory of a woman’s life, the obvious product of this repair essence is the mystery of the sea blue, and a bottle is full of mineral nutrients from the deep sea.

The texture behind the face is obviously different from others. The wet compress is also very good, and the face is noble.The formula uses 23 kinds of moisturizing agents such as algae extract, and 5 whitening ingredients such as sunflower seed cakes. While whitening can also play a soothing and oxidation effect. It can maintain the skin’s shiny all day long, and at the same time, it has a first -class effect.

TOP3: Kerun Cream

As a skin care brand specially designed for sensitive muscle, safety and mildness are assured of pregnant mothers. The same ingredients are simple, mainly moisturizing, which is quite useful.

In the same price cream, it is the most cost -effective. It can be used for more than a hundred dollars for a long time, and it is suitable for any skin texture. Oil skin can also be used in autumn and winter. This is indeed much better than its water milk.

The main moisturizing ingredients are neurotide, which has good skin -friendly. It is easy to absorb on the face and can maintain the normal water of the skin.

In addition, this ingredients also have the effect of repair. The skin is affected by hormones during pregnancy. It can also stabilize and repair the skin with it to make the skin achieve the best state.

TOP4: Estee Lauder Little Brown Bottle Essence

After pregnancy, it is generally not recommended to use efficient products such as essence during pregnancy, but everyone knows that the blessing of progesterone every day will accelerate the aging of the skin, and the face is really visible to the naked eye.

As the anti -aging essence of her family, the small brown bottle not only repair damaged skin cells, but also ensure the safety of the ingredients. It is one of the few anti -aging essence that can be used during pregnancy. Sisters can use it with confidence.

Its main ingredient is the iconic of di -lobed yeast fermentation products. The main effect is anti -aging. In addition, the new seventh generation also has a newly newborn bread tree extract, which can accelerate the repair of cells and improve the skin’s anti -stimulus ability.It is a more omnipotent essence. Repair+anti -old bottle is done.

TOP5: Setto Skin Body Milk

The material is very delicate, and the pressed pump head is very easy to use.It is the texture and hydration of the lotion.

The ingredients contain neuride and sodium hyaluronate, which is completely hydrating during pregnancy and can also be repaired.

The disadvantage is that the taste is lost, and the long -term moisturizing is average. It is simply replenishing water. It is suitable for pregnant mothers with thinner stratum corneum and oily skin.

TOP6: Daike Eye Cream

Eyes are the windows of the soul. During our pregnant mothers, do not care about the maintenance of the eyes, otherwise it will easily produce wrinkles and the eyes are on the face. ThereforeHighlighting.

This is a Japanese brand. Daike’s family is a very basic eye cream. The main effect is moisturizing and antioxidant.White gel -like, hydrated texture.The upper eye is very moist and comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about heavy or long fat particles, light and easy to absorb.

It is mainly a good guarantee for pregnant mothers, because this is not added for additives that pregnant mothers cannot use.

TOP7: Yiquan soothe repair lip balm

No matter when, our lips are always dry. For ordinary people, we can apply it casually. For pregnant mothers, it is certain that it is important to choose a suitable for pregnant mothers.

This Yiquan is a brand of protection in France. There are many plants in our book. Her lip balm is really easy to use. It is often compared with Ke Run.

This lip balm focuses on repairing, which is very suitable for the fairy who is dry or lipitis during pregnancy.

I hope every pregnant mother is beautiful and healthy ~

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