How to choose contraceptives, do you have contraceptives?

“””Contraceptive””contraceptive pill”

Recently, a friend asked, how should contraceptives choose?How to take it to have good contraception and reduce side effects.I think there may be female compatriots who need to understand, so I will share it for everyone.

In reality, women are usually in a weak position in the choice of contraceptive measures. Many people do not know which contraceptive measures are scientific and effective. Sexual intercourse is the behavior of both partners.Responsibility for contraception and the result of the failure of contraception

The main measure of contraception is measures that men and women avoid accidental pregnancy without preparing pregnancy.The significance of contraception is not only to achieve family planning, reasonable application of contraceptive technology can also block the sexual transmission of diseases, and contraception is also one of the important contents of comprehensive education.

Common contraceptive methods include: condoms, oral contraceptives, safety -phase contraceptives, in vitro exclusion, internal palace birthpots, surgical contraceptive methods, etc.

1. Turbish through barrier: Among them, condoms are the most common, and men and women can use it.

2. Through drugs for contraception, the purpose of inhibiting ovulation can be achieved by oral contraceptive pills;

3. Other contraceptive methods: in -palaces, barefish, buried, ligated.

Among them, oral contraceptive pills, in -palaces, and skin burials are highly effective contraceptive methods, and the probability of accidental pregnancy is low.The internal palace health device and skin burial are long -acting contraceptive methods.Washing tubal ligation and vasters ligation are irreversible contraceptive methods, which are generally less applied; clinically, highly efficient and reversible contraceptive methods are recommended, including oral contraceptives, in -palaces, skin burials, condoms, etc.

It is relatively reliable through surgery and condoms, subcutaneous implants, or in -palace. If there are no above measures, women should understand how to use oral contraceptives and when to take it.

Long -term contraceptive pills: long -acting eighteen Jiajia, Yue Katting, etc.;Take 1 tablet each day and 10th.In the future, the second medication day is the monthly medication date. One month is taken every month. Generally, there will be retreat bleeding 6-12 days after taking the medicine..

Pulfucting pills (short -acting contraceptives): You Siming, You Siyue, Mom Folon, Renphenol ether, etc.;1 day), 1 tablet a day, for 21 days in a row, starting the next medication process after 7 days of stopping the medicine.It is recommended to take a relatively fixed time every day to achieve the best contraceptive effect; picanol ether embarrassment: 1 capsule in the vagina, 1 capsule at a time, put it deep in the vagina 5 minutes before the intercourse]

Emergency contraceptive pills: Zuo Nuo Nuo Gactone, etc.; [Oral, less than 72 hours of no protective sexual life or contraceptive failure, the earlier, the better the pregnancy effect, the better the pregnancy effect, and the more oral (1.5mg).

Contraceptive rate: There is no 100%contraceptive rate for oral drugs, and emergency contraceptives are generally about 85%; short -acting oral contraceptives can be as high as 99%without leakage.The condom is worn by the whole process, and the relative contraception rate can be close to 100 %.

Personalized people of oral contraceptives: People under the age of 18, a history of smoking or other diseases should be used in accordance with the doctor’s advice for people under the age of 18 or other diseases.

Common adverse reactions of contraceptives:

It can be seen that menstruation changes, mostly manifestations of the monthly menstruation of the month of medication.

It can be seen that mild nausea, vomiting, breast pain, headache, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms.Generally, you do not need to be processed, and you can disappear yourself after 24 hours.

Can be abnormal bleeding in the uterus. If bleeding cannot disappear by itself, you should go to the hospital in time to be alert to the existence of abnormal pregnancy

Plus vitamin C when oral contraceptive drugs can accelerate the metabolism of contraceptives and reduce adverse reactions.Drink more water in oral contraceptives for 4 hours as much as possible, which can also accelerate the metabolism of the drug and reduce adverse reactions.

Contraceptive drugs are hormone medicines. After oral administration, more or less will have a certain adverse effect on women, but according to the physical fitness of each woman, the performance will be different.Usually use condoms as possible to contraception, because reducing the oral administration of contraceptives is the best way to the body.

However, you must not refuse to use contraceptives because he is afraid of the bad reactions of the drug. You should listen to the advice of professionals according to the situation.

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