How to calculate the number of "maternity leave" days?How are laws and regulations be stipulated?

1. How to calculate the number of maternity leave days?

(Take Guangdong Province as an example)

(1) [Shipping Maternite Government -178 Days] = 98 days +80 days, of which 15 days can be taken on vacation before childbirth.

(2) [Difficult maternity leave -208 days] = 98 days+30 days+80 days, cesarean section is difficult to produce.

(3) [Twin birth leave -223 days] = 98 days+15 days+30 days+80 days, premise: cesarean section (now the twins are normal under normal circumstances).

(4) [Male accompaniment leave -15 days].

2. Law and regulations basis

(1) "Special Regulations for Labor Protection of Women’s Workers" (Published Organ: State Council)

Article 7 The female employee enjoys 98 days of maternity leave, of which 15 days can be taken during delivery; those who are difficult to give birth will increase maternity leave for 15 days; those who have multiple births, have 1 babies per extra, increase their maternity leave for 15 days.

If the female employee has a miscarriage of less than 4 months, he will enjoy 15 -day maternity leave; if you have a miscarriage for 4 months, you can enjoy 42 days of maternity leave.

(2) "Measures for the Implementation of the" Special Regulations on the Protection of Women’s Workers "(Methods of the Labor Protection of Women" (Publishing Organ: The People’s Government of Guangdong Province)

Article 11 The female employee enjoys 98 -day maternity leave, of which 15 days can be taken during childbirth; if there is a difficulty in giving birth, the maternity leave is increased by 30 days; if the birth of a number of babies, one babies are given every extra, and the maternity leave will be increased by 15 days;Those who comply with laws and regulations to fertility will enjoy the reward leave in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Guangdong Provincial Population and Family Planning Regulations.

If a female employee endless pregnancy for less than 4 months, according to the opinions of the medical institution, enjoy the maternity leave for 15 days to 30 days; if the pregnancy is terminated for 42 days of pregnancy over 7 months of pregnancy, the 42 -day leave;For pregnancy, enjoy 75 days of maternity leave.

(3) "Regulations on the Population and Family Planning of Guangdong Province" (issued by a document: The People’s Congress of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress and its Standing Committee)

Article 30 Couples that meet the laws and regulations stipulate that children who have children will enjoy the 80 -day reward leave, and the man will enjoy the 15 -day companion leave.The salary will not affect the benefits and the full -diligence awards during the stipulated holiday.

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