How to break acne during pregnancy?You have to wait for the answer to the answer

Some people say that acne during pregnancy indicates that you are pregnant with a boy, and you wo n’t have acne with girls?Do you believe this absurd saying?Are you pregnant?Intersection

Acne during pregnancy

In fact, it is normal for pregnant women to have acne, because the changes in luteal hormone in the early stages of pregnancy can easily lead to excessive secretion of sebum, plus the keratinization of hair follicle cells, and a large amount of acne hydrogen bacteria, etc., will cause acne.In addition, psychological stress, emotional fluctuations, insufficient sleep, environmental factors, improper diet, insufficient skin cleaning, etc. can induce acne and acne.

Poir acne is normal

During pregnancy is a very sensitive period. How can I break acne during pregnancy?

1. Balanced diet

We all know that in order to meet the needs of mother and baby nutrition, pregnant women will supplement.It is necessary to make up the body, but it is advisable to be mild and light. Bird’s nest, Codonopsis, Poria, Ophiopogon, sand ginseng, lotus root, white fungus, etc. can be used to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less fried, beef and mutton, animalsInternal organs, egg yolks, cream, etc.

However, some pregnant mothers have changed their diet during pregnancy. I want to eat spicy and other heavy tastes, but keep in mind, do not eat more, because the irritating foods such as fat, greasy, high sugar, spicy foods are easy to grow acne.And will make children lack nutrition and affect his development and growth.Usually pay attention to keeping the intestines smooth, drink more warm water, eat more crude fiber, and stool regularly.Drinking mung bean soup has the effect of clearing lung heat and dehumidification.

Balanced diet

2. Relieve stress

Some expectant mothers feel too much psychological pressure because of pregnancy, emotional fluctuations, and prone to acne.Therefore, in normal times, you may wish to listen to music and let the beautiful music resolve the exhaustion of the spirit; you can talk to your friends; go out and walk more, take a leisurely walk, and benefit the physical and mental health of pregnant women and fetuses.

Relieve stress

3. Good living habits

Pregnant mothers should develop good habits, get up early and get up early, do not stay up late, and ensure full sleep.If you have acne on your face, pay attention to cleaning, do not squeeze, press, scratch, and grab acne to avoid aggravating inflammatory infections.

Good living habits

4. Use special skin care products during pregnancy

It is understood that cosmetics contain a variety of public and unintentional chemical components, which may be unfavorable to pregnant women and fetuses, especially skin care products with oil, powder, and hormone.Skin pores, blocked hair follicles and cause acne.Therefore, during pregnancy, it is recommended to choose special skin care and cosmetics during pregnancy. At the same time, it is necessary to look at the ingredients. Hormones, heavy metals, alcohol, mineral oil, etc. are all impossible.In addition, you must remove makeup first and then wash your face.Removing makeup should be carefully, and you must also choose mild nature and not irritate the skin.Remember!Do not cause dirt, oil and cosmetics to remain in the pores, and prevent exposure at the same time.

Beautiful girl is easy

5. Do a good job of sunscreen

Although it is winter now, the ultraviolet rays are not so strong, but for expectant mothers, sunscreen work in winter.Because the skin protection of expectant mothers is relatively fragile, it is not only easy to dry, but also aggravate butterfly spots.

Also pay attention to!Most of the sunscreens sold in the market contain chemical ingredients. You must be cautious when choosing. You must look at the ingredients carefully.It is generally recommended to use physical sunscreen methods, such as playing parasols when going out, wearing a wide -edge hat, wearing UV -proof coats, or directly applying olive oil to the face, which can effectively sunscreen.

Do a good job of sunscreen

Finally, tell all pregnant mothers here that you should always keep your mood happy every day, not sad, not distressed, go out to disperse, do not always be bored in the room.If you eat well and sleep well, you can give birth to a fat doll!~ oh Yeah ~

Make a happy mood every day

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