How terrible is postpartum depression?Don’t really understand it until the disaster happens

Some time ago, a real story about postpartum depression appeared in front of our Volkswagen. A young mother did not want to stay in the world because of postpartum depression and jumping off the building with the two children she gave birth to.Maybe it is a kind of liberation, but for the children, the children are too pitiful. They have not realized the sweetness and bitterness of this world, and the human feelings are warm and cold. In this way, they ended their young life. Who will bear this consequences?The pain of postpartum depression is not understood by everyone. Postpartum depression is not formed by the mother alone, but caused by the surrounding environment and their closest people. Who is the real killer of postpartum depression?

Since the moment of pregnancy, many pregnant women will change, whether they are mental or physiological, they will change, worry about their figure, worry about whether they will take care of their children, and worry about whether they will be disgusted after giving birth to their children.In fact, many women have thought about these problems. After giving birth to a child, there are many unsatisfactory life, taking care of children, or adjusting themselves.Enlightenment can also help themselves relieve stress, but often many postpartum depression are caused by her husband’s own hands.

Mother Lu: When I gave birth to a baby, I was torn under too hard. I was crying all day long, and I had to hold my child every day.Children have so many problems. Don’t transmit your problems with your child. I want to complain to my husband. If you say too much, he starts to yell at me: How can others have you as well?There are so many things for you to have a child.This is his original words. I live like this every day. I think I am suffering every day. Shouldn’t giving birth to a child should be a happy thing? Why do I live in hell -like life?

Ms. Sui: I have a friend who has depression after giving birth. I ca n’t mention what I do every day. I do n’t care about my children. Because the child eats milk, the physical condition is not good.It’s better to live a life.Her husband ignored her, and now many people who often see depression on the Internet have committed suicide. It feels terrible. I often enlighten her from time to time.Well, be sure to think about it.Fortunately, she came over, otherwise the consequences would be terrible.

Postpartum depression is uncomfortable that normal people are unimaginable. Her husband cares more about the wife around her, because she is bearing the pain that you can’t understand, keeping her a good attitude, going out to walk, more companion, don’t let these tragedies, don’t let these tragedies do not let these tragedies do not let these tragedies.It happened again.

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