How should pregnant women sleep?

People often say that our birthday is a mother’s suffering day

But in fact, the mother’s hard work is not only the day we were born

Breeding children is a hard and long process

For ten months, pregnancy, edema, and gaining weight … torture the prospective mothers

Even sleeping has become a very difficult thing

Gradually rising stomach makes pregnant women no longer

If you want to use what posture, you can sleep when you want to use

Most pregnant women must change their long sleeping position

do you know

The posture of pregnant women’s sleep is not only related to her sleep quality

It is also related to the health status of the fetus

pregnancy period

If pregnant women sleep incorrectly

Not only will it affect the development of the fetus

Severe may also lead to difficult production of pregnant women

Fetal deformity, suffocation and even death

So, how should pregnant women sleep for the growth and development of fetal health?

Some people say that the left side position is the best

Do you keep going to sleep on the left side for ten months?

In fact, you can choose different sleeping postures in different periods of pregnancy

Separation or side lying in the early stages of pregnancy has little effect

At this time, the fetus is still small, and the space occupies is not large

The degree of oppression is small, don’t worry too much

Pregnant women can choose to make a comfortable posture as much as possible

But can’t lie down

In the middle of pregnancy, you must start paying attention to protect your belly

Try to avoid oppressing the fetus

Different positions should be adopted

Side lying is suitable for pregnant women with a double or more amniotic fluid

If pregnant women feel that their legs and feet are relatively heavy, they should sleep on your back

And use soft pillows to raise your legs a little bit

Reduce the discomfort of pregnant women while protecting the fetus

You have to pay special attention to the late pregnancy

The sleeping position at this time, whether it is safe to be in danger,

It is still crucial to the safety of the fetus

The left side is the most conducive to pregnant women and fetuses in this period

Why is the left side lying the most suitable posture for pregnant women in the third trimester?

The left side is not only conducive to providing nutrients for the fetus

It can also reduce the chance of the occurrence of hypotomy during pregnancy

We all know that fetal growth and development depend on the nutrition provided by pregnant women

The left lying on the left can reduce the oppression of the blood vessels that the uterine is enlarged

Ensure that blood supply is sufficient

Provide sufficient nutrients for the growth and development of the fetus

It can also avoid hypoxia in the fetus

Body blood circulation is smooth

It is conducive to reducing the occurrence of syndrome during pregnancy

Is there better and more comfortable sleeping postures?

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