How should dogs take care of during pregnancy?What do you need to pay attention to?

The dog’s pregnancy period is 62 days, and 58 ~ 64 days are a normal cycle.The focus of dog feeding in this period is to provide food with a reasonable and comprehensive nutrition, enhance the physique of the dog to ensure the normal development of the fetus, prevent the dog’s abortion, and avoid insufficient postpartum milk or no milk at all.

Correct care during pregnancy

During different periods, the owner should take a targeted manner to care for the pregnant dogs.

★ Dog’s early pregnancy.Because the fetus is still small, you don’t have to prepare special feed for the dog.Three meals can be settled.At the same time, the owner should pay attention to the palatability of the feed and improve the poor appetite of the dog in the early pregnancy.

★ After 1 month, due to the rapid development of the fetus, we need to increase the supply of food to meet the rapid increase of dogs to various nutrients during this period.At the same time, dogs should also be added to dogs such as meat, animal viscera, eggs, milk and other protein -rich foods. Bone soup and fish soup are better.

★ When the fetus grows to about one and a half months, the number of feeding should be increased, from morning and evening, to 3 times in the morning, middle and evening.

★ In the late pregnancy, as far as the situation is about 60 days, we should increase the number of dog feeding to 4 times a day.Add some digestive feeds to promote the development of fetal bones.But because the fetus expands the dog’s abdominal cavity, it is necessary to feed more meals at this time.Never feed cold food and drinking water to prevent abortion.

★ Dogs before giving birth will refuse to eat due to anxiety.Do not force the dog to eat. At this time, it is necessary to supply saline or water to prevent the dog’s gastrointestinal burden on excessive burden, which is not conducive to childbirth.Arrange more dogs for sunbathing and appropriate exercise outdoors to promote the blood circulation of the mother and fetus and ensure the health of the mother and fetus.In winter and summer, we must pay special attention to it, do not let the pregnant dogs exposed or cold.

Key item

★ Dogs can be properly sorted out during pregnancy to promote the skin’s blood circulation.Long -haired dogs should cut the hair around the nipple before production.

★ Pay special attention to the hygiene of nipples and genitals.Wash and dry the dog nipples every few days before childbirth with warm water and soap to prevent nipple infection.

★ During pregnancy, you should seek medical treatment in time when you find that dogs are sick.

★ Do not let outsiders watch pregnant dogs and ensure their rest.The dog’s foil should be spacious, clean and dry, the air flows, and the light is darker.

The above is a small knowledge that dogs need to know during pregnancy. Be sure to ensure that the dog has a comfortable and clean environment during pregnancy!

What is your master during pregnancy?Small cutes such as the comment area ~

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