How powerful is pregnancy vomiting?Sitor vomiting blood, urine incontinence, and even some people died because of this

Most pregnant mothers experience premature pregnancy reactions

That is, the "harm" that the old people often say

Nausea, vomiting all day long


At the same time, we often hear

"It’s okay, how can I vomit in pregnancy,

It’s fine for 3 months ""

However, the reality is

Some people vomit the hospitalization infusion to relieve

Some people vomit until the baby is born

Even some people are because of this

Lost your life

There was a pregnant mother in Shanghai due to severe pregnancy and could not be relieved through many treatment methods. The doctor had to suggest that she would terminate her pregnancy, but the pregnant mother did not listen to persuasion, and the result of the died of brain lesions.

Most pregnant women have no worries about life

But pregnancy is really a painful process

Tomiting to urinary incontinence, dare not regenerate the baby

Ms. Chen, 34, is 7 years old, but when she talks about her son’s pregnancy reaction, Ms. Chen still has a lingering heart.

When she was diagnosed with pregnancy, Ms. Chen’s pregnancy was obvious. Not only did she eat and vomit, they even spit, and even heard food related to eating.

"I vomit urine incontinence, and many people also comforted me to say ‘It’s okay, it’s fine after three months’, but I really spit it." Ms. Chen said that the doctor prescribed her medicine to eat herIn severe, her weight is lighter and seriously lacks nutrition. She can only be hospitalized in infusion. After more than a month, the symptoms were relieved before they were discharged.Beginning in the second trimester, although she can eat it, she also vomits. For her baby, she can only vomit and eat it. This state continues to her son.

The reaction of the second child is strong

Spit blood directly when severe

Ms. Huang, 30, has a 3 -year -old son. At the beginning of this year, she accidentally found that she was pregnant again.When she had a son before, Ms. Huang had no pregnancy reaction, so she was born with joy.What kind of thought, soon she had a severe pregnancy reaction, eating and vomiting, and vomiting water.I thought it would be better for the first three months. I did not expect that by 15 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Huang’s pregnancy reaction was getting stronger and stronger. I smelled a little bit of odor, and it would vomit, and I vomited blood directly in severe cases.

Under the advice of her family, Ms. Huang went to the hospital for treatment. After the doctor’s consultation, the doctor judged that Ms. Huang’s situation belonged to the pregnancy drama response. It is recommended to be hospitalized for observation.Fortunately, Ms. Huang’s pregnancy gradually faded soon and gave birth to a healthy and lovely daughter.

These pregnant mothers are easier to vomit

The specific cause of pregnancy vomiting is unclear, but it is closely related to the changes in hormone levels in the body after pregnancy.As for the remarks of "pregnant girls are more likely to be pregnant", there is no scientific basis!But if you have the following situations, then the possibility of pregnancy will indeed be very high!

1. Motion sickness and seasickness before pregnancy, nausea for a certain food or smell;

2. I experienced pregnancy during pregnancy;

3. Mom has experienced pregnancy when you are pregnant;

4. There are twins or polyphles in your belly.

A little trick to relieve pregnancy vomiting

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers can try to change their dietary habits to relieve pregnancy; if there is no effect, you can also try some non -drug methods; if you still do not work, consider drug treatment!

1. Adjust your dietary habits

(1) Light diet.Pregnant mothers can eat more carbohydrates or foods with high protein content, easy to digest, to avoid spicy, irritating, heavy oil and salt diets.

(2) Eat less meals.There is no need to have three meals a day. For pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy, you can eat 5-6 times a day, as long as you don’t vomit.Family family can prepare a soda biscuits or baked a toast as a "snack" for pregnant mothers.Remember, it is easier to disgust when there is no food in the stomach!

(3) Drink plenty of water.It is a little bit when you do n’t vomit, because frequent vomiting will lose a lot of water; if it is difficult to swallow the boiled water, you can also choose soda and freshly squeezed juice.

(4) Avoid stimulation.If you know which foods or smells you are sensitive and uncomfortable when you smell it, you must try to avoid contact!

(5) Breathing fresh air.Open more windows to ventilate and keep the indoor air circulation. If you have time, you can take a walk in the outdoor (if you accidentally encounter a haze day, it is still calculated), try not to go to the lively place.

2. Physical therapy

(1) Acupoint presses or acupuncture: Many pregnant mothers feel that they are very useful. Pointing acupoints on the acupuncture point (the forearm side of the forearm, 2 inches on the front of the wrist) acupoint compression can relieve mild pregnancy.

(2) Ginger: Yes, you read that right, that is, the ginger we usually use when we usually cook.Whether it is powder, tablets, capsules, or ginger syrup, it can be used to relieve pregnancy.Moreover, many pregnant mothers feel very effective.

(3) Twitting bracelet: Some supermarkets in the United States are sold (Haitao try?), There is a small protrusion on the bracelet, which can compress the nerves on the wrist to achieve the purpose of stopping vomiting.

3. Drug treatment Vitamin B6: It has a good relief effect on nausea, but the effect of vomiting is general.

Vitamin B6 combined with Dopsica: The two are used together to treat nausea and vomiting during pregnancy and effective.

Other: anti -group amine, stomach restoration, etc.

In addition, some studies have shown that you can prevent pregnancy!This trick does be used in some pregnant mothers, but some pregnant mothers take vitamins will exacerbate nausea.Therefore, it is different from person to person. If you eat well, you can persist. You do n’t need to force it if you eat it.

Look at the doctor as soon as possible!

Mild nausea and vomiting are usually eased through the above treatment, but if the following 6 cases occur, pregnant mothers should go to the hospital as soon as possible to see a doctor!

1. Nausea and vomiting

2. The color of less urine or urine becomes darker;

3. What to eat and vomit, drip water can not enter;

4. When standing, I feel that my head is light and weak, and dizziness is weak;

5. The heartbeat is particularly fast,> 100 times/minute;

6. Spit blood!

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