How old is a dog 1 year old?Put off the latest age converts, don’t calculate the mistake anymore

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Dogs are 1 year old = 7 -year -old, this is a very rough algorithm, it is already inaccurate, and different body types of dog aging speed is also different. So how old is a dog 1 year old?Put off the latest age converts, don’t calculate the mistake anymore.

Dogs of different ages have different characteristics. Pets mainly take care of different care according to the rules of growth and development.

The newborn puppy basically sleeps except that they are sleeping, and their eyes and ears can not be opened until 1 to 2 weeks.

Puppies are basically breast milk. If breast milk is insufficient, you can feed sheep milk powder.In February, you can start trying to eat dog food with goat milk powder.In March, you can start trying to eat dry dog food.

The digestive system of puppies is not complete. The pet owner is best to eat less meals.

Three months of puppies, they are more lively and active and like to explore everywhere, but they will rely more on dogs.

Dogs for 3 to 6 months are the critical period of growth and development. During this period, dogs, supplement more nutrition, can strengthen bones and make teeth grow better.The puppies in this period will eat more, and the pet owners can prepare more dog food for them.

Dogs have also begun to enter the stage of sexual maturity for 6 months. Dogs start to be in estrus. There will be desire to mate.You can also take a dog for sterilization.

This period is also an important training golden period for training dog character. If you want to teach dogs what skills, such as fixed -point urination, shaking hands, etc., it is best to grasp this period. Although the dogs in this period are a bit rebellious, they are compared to compareGood learning.

After the dog is 1 year old, the basic figure and physique are allocated. The dogs who have passed the embarrassing period will start to become more and more beautiful.

Although dogs are adults, many dogs are still naughty. They like to play, curious, and occasionally dismantle their homes.This is also the running -in period where the dog gets along with the owner. The owner will accompany the dog more, and the dog will become more sticky and obedient.

After an adult, dog food should also be replaced from puppies to adults.If you want a dog to grow stronger, it is best to choose a nutritious dog food as the main food, which can promote development.

At this age, it is a golden age of dog life, which is equivalent to a middle -aged man in his 30s and 40s.During this period, the dog’s personality will become more mature and stable, and will no longer play crazy like puppies every day.

However, during this period, the dog’s energy is still very strong. The pet owner must fix the dog to bend every day to maintain the amount of exercise, which will help improve the physical fitness.

At the same time, pay more attention to the dog’s teeth and hair care. It is best to check it once a year. You can know if there is something wrong.

The dogs who enter the elderly will become quiet and Buddhist. They sleep on their stomachs all day and are unwilling to move. Their bones and joints will become fragile, move slowly, sensory degradation, and become more dull.

Elderly dogs do not need to exercise violently, take it more to sun, take a walk.

Because old dogs fall off and decline in digestive ability, it is best to replace them with digestion and absorption, and supplement them more protein and calcium.

The old dog is old, which means that it has less and less time with the owner, so pets are mainly accompanied by dogs, and old -age dogs will also be very sticky, especially need to care.

Conclusion: How old is your dog this year?

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