How much will pregnancy increase?Doctor: In terms of division

After women were pregnant, they were based on the principle of "one person eats two people to make up", and constantly eating every day leading to too fast weight growth.Although women’s weight will increase after pregnancy, if the weight increases too fast, it will be harmful to pregnant women and fetuses.So, what should I do if my weight gains too fast after pregnancy?Yao Kunfeng, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics department of Yunfu City People’s Hospital, will tell you about it.

Deputy Chief Physician Yao Kunfeng told his family doctor to edit online. When women are pregnant, the weight loss will still be reduced or depending on the personal constitution.Some women may lose weight due to severe pregnancy reactions in the early pregnancy reaction, while some women have a mild pregnancy response in the early pregnancy, and their weight may basically change significantly.Under normal circumstances, one month of pregnancy will not increase significantly.

In addition, there is a certain rule of weight growth during pregnancy. In the early pregnancy, the weight generally increases by 1-1.5kg; during 12-20 weeks of pregnancy, it will increase by 0.3kg per week;0.4kg; 28 weeks of pregnancy, an increase of 0.5kg per week, and about 12.5kg during pregnancy.

As a result, the common cause of weight growth after pregnancy is not good in eating habits, like to eat high -calorie foods; do not understand the importance of weight management during pregnancy; worry about malnutrition of fetal fetuses.Eat and drink; lethargic and lack of exercise and so on.

Deputy Chief Physician Yao Kunfeng said that the weight gain during pregnancy is too fast, and the fetus may grow too much, thereby increasing the chance of dystocia, and at the same time, it also has a certain impact on pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, if you want to avoid growing too fast after pregnancy, you must pay attention to the following two points:

1. Diet

Daily diet should pay attention to laws, eat less diet, and quantitatively quantitatively, try not to eat snacks.It is recommended to add some foods before going to bed at 10 am, 3pm, and night, such as nuts, milk, eggs, soy products, yogurt, etc., which will not turn too much sugar into fat nor hunger.It is also conducive to fetal development.In addition, you must develop good meal habits. When pregnant women eat, they must pay attention to the rhythm. Do not eat too fast. This is not conducive to digestion. It should be chewed slowly and fully chewing food.

Two, exercise

In moderate exercise, if the amount of exercise is not available, it is easy to cause fat accumulation.

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