How much is the uterine damage?Do you really know women?Don’t go to the ring easily

After many people get married, because of economic reasons or have a child, they have the idea that they do not want to have children.In order not to give birth and not want to get pregnant by accident, he had to mention the topic of contraception to the agenda.But choosing contraceptives, many men want contraception and unwilling to use condoms, and women’s health for women to eat contraceptives is very harmful. Among them, women’s upper ring contraception is a way of contraception that people choose after marriage.However, is it really as safe and harmful that everyone is generally said?

1. What is Shang Ring

This kind of ring refers to the birth ring, but it is not necessarily a ring -shaped. It also has T -shaped, Y -shaped, etc., usually the material is plastic or with copper wire. Put this kind of birth ring into the uterine cavity.It will continue to scrape the uterine wall to destroy the embryo bed environment. For example, the copper ions in it have the effect of killing essence, making it impossible to get pregnant.This method of contraception is very long and can reach decades, and it must be replaced according to its use period.The success rate of Shekuan contraception is very high, but it is not fully guaranteed. If the ring falls off or deforms, it can lose its contraceptive effect. Therefore, if you want a child after marriage, you can take out the birthplace and you can conceive normally.

2. The harm to women on women to women

After a period of time after the ring, it will bleed for several days, because the on -board process will scratch the endometrium. At this time, the doctor will tell you that this is normal.However, in fact, this is not only the case. After the upper ring, there is generally an increase in leucorrhea. After there are coagulation disorders or people who have a large amount of menstrual flow, the menstrual flow will be more.Increased dysmenorrhea.When women exercise violently, the birthplasma ring will also cause the uterine wall due to inertia, and there is a certain chance that it will cause the uterine damage or even perforation.What’s more serious, as a foreign body in the human body, the birthplaces will lead to the fibrodic lesions of the endometrium in about ten years. This is why it is best to remove it after menopause.

3. What is the ideal way of contraception

Women’s ligation and male ligation.Their principles are to block fallopian tubes and vasters, and usually people choose to ligate women.However, in fact, men’s ligation is actually smaller, and the operation is simpler. Usually, the operation can be completed in ten minutes, and there is no need to be hospitalized.Moreover, male ligation will not affect sexual life and sexual function. In the future, if you still want a child, you can also perform a resume surgery of the tube, but it is difficult for men’s own thoughts.

What kind of contraceptive method is used for each family to have their own choices, but you need to recognize the risk of healthy harm to health before doing various operations. I hope that women will love more and not sacrifice alone.

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