How much impact will it affect the children in the future during pregnancy?Moms to know in advance

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During pregnancy, expectant mothers will pay great attention to their living environment and daily life.I’m afraid that if there is nothing right, it will be bad for the baby.I believe that when many mothers learn to get pregnant, they have heard a word in the doctor: Be sure to pay attention to the life of the husband and wife. It is best not to have in the first three months.Many mothers are regarded as truth. For the child’s entire pregnancy period, she lives a sexual life with her husband, that is, she is afraid that it will affect the baby.

Mumu has been pregnant for six months, and she has been more careful after pregnancy, and she is afraid that the baby will lose.Although the doctor said that there can be a proper sex life in the middle of pregnancy, Mumu is still worried.Worried that her husband would hurt the baby without the weight, so he had always lived asexual life with her husband.

It’s just that Mumu can bear it, her husband can get a little angry.Always express your own needs, but it is always rejected by Mumu for various reasons.In fact, her husband also knows Mumu’s concerns, but this life has made her husband start to acne.So her husband started various information about the same room during pregnancy.

The Mumu couple talked daily before going to bed, and started to run off.With your husband and you, you will feel like both of them soon.Just a few times, Mu Mu still restrained, saying to my husband: Husband, you are tolerating, or you go to the bathroom.Husband said, "I think some experts say that the same room can make the baby smarter during pregnancy. Besides, the doctor also said that it is possible to be in the same room during pregnancy." In this way, Mumu still did not hold it, so that her husband was succeeded.

In fact, expectant mothers do not need to see the life of husband and wife when they are pregnant. As long as they master the method and method, the problem is not very big.

But is my husband real?Can proper husband and wife life really make the baby smarter?Can make your baby healthier

When pregnant, a husband and wife life can soothe the mood of expectant mothers. It is that expectant mothers no longer have so much tension and anxiety.The so -called child is the meat that has fallen from the mother, and what kind of family baby is the mood of the mother.

Specific mothers to keep their body and mind more conducive to the growth and development of the baby. In addition, it is also conducive to the mother’s physical and mental health.Mom’s mood is not good, it will also secrete harmful substances that are not good for the fetus, and affect the development of the fetus through the placenta.It is understood that there are indeed studies that the appropriate life of husband and wife can promote the development of the fetal brain, making children smarter and more conducive to expectations of expectant mothers.

After pregnancy, expectant mothers are equivalent to doing exercise with her husband. This will relax the mother’s pelvis, which will make the expectant mothers easier and easier to produce.In fact, this kind of exercise can also help the postpartum repair of expectant mothers.Good for husband and wife feelings

Proper life of couples helps the relationship between husband and wife, and this principle is also applicable during pregnancy.In the process of expectant mothers and dads, any action is conveying love.When the mother accepts love, she will be physically and mentally happy. Of course, Dad is also very happy, and the relationship between the two is naturally better.

Good husband and wife life can release the bad mood of expectant mothers, so as to ensure that the baby can have a warm living environment after giving birth.


Of course, the same room during pregnancy still needs to be divided into time, and there are good and bad.There are many places that need to pay attention to, such as: pay attention, pay attention, pay attention to posture, pay attention to hygiene, pay attention to the time period.Of course, the prospective mothers with weak constitution must follow the doctor’s advice.

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