How much HCG value is defined as a biochemical pregnancy?Pregnant mothers must keep in mind this number!

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After pregnancy, every expectant mother will go to the hospital for examination, because the results measured by testing tools such as pregnancy test sticks are not necessarily accurate.Sometimes there may also be some "illusion". After arriving at the hospital, what I must do is to take blood and urine test HCG. For some unswatable friends, it may be strange to these values.Low, there will be a problem of biochemical pregnancy. Friends who want to figure out the reason, do not have to go through the information, it is enough to read this!

1. What is the HCG value?What is the blood HCG check?

HCG refers to velvet fur membrane to promote gonadotropin. HCG is used to stimulate the human body to produce progesterone. The appropriate HCG value will promote the placenta maturity.The blood HCG examination of a female after pregnancy refers to detecting the HCG value in the serum, and use the relevant values to determine whether the early pregnancy is normal, whether it is an abnormal pregnancy, incomplete abortion, accordance with.

In fact, HCG also has a cute function, which is to reduce the rejection of the pregnant mother.After bed in the uterus, the body will find a "parasite". Under normal circumstances, the immune system will be attacked, but HCG will be confused.In this way, the immune system will not attack.

2. What is the normal value of HCG?

The normal value of blood HCG <10 μg/L, the normal value of β-HCG <3.1 μg/L. Generally normal women’s β-HCG free measurement value is less than 3.1, if more than 5, you can consider the possibility of conception.Pregnant.However, during pregnancy, the absolute value of HCG will change a lot, and there is no contrast between individuals and individuals. It can only compare its own values. In the first three months of pregnancy, the HCG value will gradually increase.

Third, I know HCG, so what is the biochemical pregnancy?

Biochemical pregnancy is after the combination of sperm and eggs. For various reasons, it was not able to bed in the uterus for various reasons, and it flowed together with menstruation.

However, in the early stages of biochemical pregnancy, pregnancy can be tested by early pregnancy test paper. In the early pregnancy, even if a biochemical pregnancy occurs, the HCG value will increase, and its value will be greater than 5IU/L.However, in this case, the HCG value will decrease as the fertilized eggs gradually decline.For women who are pregnant, the general HCG value is less than 5IU/L. If the blood HCG value is greater than 5IU/L, it can basically be judged to be pregnant.

Between 0.2-1 weeks of pregnancy, the normal value of HCG is between 5-50IU/L; 1-2 weeks of pregnancy will be between 50-500IU/L.The HCG will gradually increase in the first three months of pregnancy, between February and March, the normal value of the HCG will increase to 10000-1000000IU/L.

Fourth, can HCG low be sure of biochemical pregnancy?

So see here, we can see that if the HCG value is low, or if it is rising and decreased, it is likely that the phenomenon of biochemical pregnancy. So what is the relationship between the two?

The blood HCG value is only one of the indicators of biochemical pregnancy, and it cannot be judged as a biochemical pregnancy because of the low value.The basis and general points of judging the basis of biochemical pregnancy:

1. Early pregnancy test paper can show the two bars of pregnancy, but the color of a line is very shallow and cannot reach strong yang;

2. When going to the hospital for examination, the B -ultrasound cannot see the pregnancy sac in the palace;

3. The HCG value is lower than the normal value, but higher than 5IU/L;

4. Within 40-50 days of pregnancy, a gray-white membrane flows out of the lower body, because biochemical pregnancy will eventually lead to a natural abortion;

Fifth, is the harm of biochemical pregnancy?

Biochemical pregnancy is medical abortion in medicine. In fact, it is a natural choice of survival of the fittest. If it is only occasionally, it does not need to be too nervous, which will not affect the future pregnancy.Because it will eventually cause abortion, it will be discharged with menstruation, but some people may have residues in the uterus. Therefore, they should go to the hospital for B -ultrasound after their biochemical pregnancy to confirm whether it is clean.

If you have biochemical pregnancy, don’t be afraid, don’t be nervous, deal with it in a scientific way, accept it calmly, and quietly adjust the body and wait for the advent of a small life!

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