How much harm is eating instant noodles

Speaking of instant noodles, the harm is hard to write: Nutritional uneven oil, unhygienic oil, repeated frying unhealthy unhealthy preservative additives, eat more unhealthy barrel foam noodles inner wall wax …

To sum up, just say in one sentence:

To eat a pack of instant noodles, it takes 28 days to be metabolized.

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Actually, these are everyone’s misunderstanding of instant noodles.

To understand these misunderstandings, we decided to make a different rumor.

We bought 12 instant noodles commonly on the market. For the above points that everyone cared about, we did a test.

The 12 instant noodles of this evaluation, the brand is as follows:

Detailed conclusions, let’s look down one by one.

Many people suspect that the instant noodles are so cheap, and the oils they use will not be hygienic.

Some people even suspected that it was made of land oil.

We observed the ingredients list. Most of these 12 instant noodles use refined palm oil.

This kind of oily saturation is high, good thermal stability, the oil fume and carcinogenic substances produced during fried are relatively small, and repeated frying is not easy to blacken.

So it is more suitable for fried oil than ordinary cooking.

More importantly, the price of palm oil is very low, which can greatly reduce costs.

Counting the seasoning, almost 13g of oil in a bucket of instant noodles.

We consulted the industry insiders. In the past year, the price of palm oil was about 5 yuan/kg, and it was converted. The cost of oil for each barrel of instant noodles only cost 6 cents.

There is such a suitable and cheap oil in front of them. Regular manufacturers do not need to use ditch oil at all, everyone can rest assured.

A certain noodle ingredients are shot

Many people are worried about the quality of oil, fearing that the manufacturer will use the same pot of oil without control.

To verify this problem, we tested the acid prices of fried noodle cakes.

The price of acid is the indicator of the degree of oil deterioration. The smaller the acid price, the better the freshness and refinement of oil.

There are many reasons for high acid prices. The most common is that manufacturers are used to save costs, with low quality, or too many cycles of oil.

Under normal circumstances, the price of acid is slightly higher and will not endanger health.

However, if the acid price is too high, it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea or damage to the liver.

The national standard requires that the acid prices of instant noodle fried cakes must not exceed 1.8 mg/g.

The results are as follows:

Except for Non -fried noodle cakes on the 5th and 12th, it cannot detect acid prices.

Friends who are worried about the quality of oil can rest assured.

However, we also want to remind everyone that the acid prices of fried noodle cakes will slowly rise over time.

So try to buy fresh instant noodles as much as possible, and it is not recommended to eat the expired instant noodles.

If you smell the noodle cake with Hara flavor or other odors during the shelf life, don’t eat it anymore.

There are many friends who think that the instant noodles can be stored for a long time, relying on ultra -high -dose preservatives.

There are two main parts of instant noodles: noodle cakes and ingredients.

The noodle cake is fried or dry, and the water content is very low, which is not suitable for the survival of microorganisms.

There is no need to add preservatives.

The bags mainly include sauce bags, powder bags, water -dehydrated dishes/meat bags, and wet vegetable bags, and some will also have seasoning oil bags.

Among them, the content of dehydrated vegetables/meat bags and powder bags is also very low, and radical sterilization technology is generally used, so no more preservatives are needed.

The most likely to add preservatives is sauce bags and wet vegetable bags.

A certain noodle ingredients are shot

We took these instant noodle sauce and wet vegetable bags and sent three common preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, sodium dehydrolytic acetate).

The results of the sauce bag are as follows:

Except for the mixed with seasoning and noodle cakes, there are no separate sauce.

The remaining 10 instant noodles were not detected in 3 kinds of preservatives.

The wet vegetable bag is only available in two and 5th instant noodles.

In the wet vegetable bag No. 2, none of these three preservatives were detected.

The ingredients of the No. 5 wet vegetable bag have clearly added these three preservatives, so we did not test it again.

No. 5 noodle ingredients table real shot

In fact, it doesn’t matter if preservatives are added.

The national standard is allowed to add these three preservatives to pickled vegetables, and it is completely okay as long as it is added as required.

If you really mind, choose instant noodles without wet vegetables.

This statement is more interesting:

There is a layer of wax on the inner wall of the instant bucket, which will enter the instant noodles when the bubbles will be carcinogenic when eating too much.

We tested the inner wall of the instant barrel and the inside of the lid.

The results show that:

The material of the inner wall of the barrel is basically polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP);

The material on the inside of the lid is polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), or ethylene-ethyl acetate cluster (EVA).

In other words, these 12 instant noodle barrels were not waxed.

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These detected materials sound strange, but they are everywhere in life.

Such as plastic wrap, fresh -keeping bag, fresh -keeping box and cup.

They are all materials that can be in contact with food, and everyone can rest assured.

Other friends are more rigorous:

Although the material is fine, will it dissolve harmful substances at high temperature?

Therefore, we also tested the total migration of the instant noodle barrel:

According to the national standard, 95%of ethanol replaced oil food simulation, and the total migration was determined by detecting non -volatile substances in ethanol.

The results showed that the total migration volume was all qualified.

Soaking 95%of alcohol for two hours is not a problem, so soaking in boiling water does not have to worry.

Even if the noodle cakes, ingredients, and instant noodle barrels are not detected, the dense additives on the ingredient table will still make people feel disturbing.

In fact, these additives are legal, and there is no need to worry about safety.

Without these additives, it is difficult to make such color, fragrance, taste and taste.

Take a few examples:

The amount of these additives is very low.

For example, the anti -jacking agent and moisture holding agent mentioned in the table stipulates that the maximum usage of it in instant noodles is 0.5%, which does not have any impact on the human body.


Although instant noodles are fried, the calories are not high.

Adults need about 1800-2250 kcal every day.

The calories of a bucket of instant noodles are 530 kcal.

Even if you eat instant noodles in three meals a day, there are only 1590 kcal, and it does not exceed the day’s calorie needs.

But we still don’t recommend that you eat instant noodles often.

Although instant noodles are not high, the nutrition is not balanced, and it cannot meet the needs of adults for protein.

In addition, its sodium content and fat content exceed the needs of adults.

Long -term consumption is likely to cause hair loss, anemia, fatty liver, and hypertension.

In summary, instant noodles are not as harmful as everyone thinks.

It is even more clean and more convenient to make it more convenient than the home -side flies.

Due to easy storage and transportation, it is still a common material on some special occasions, such as anti -relief relief.

But this does not mean that it is suitable for eating and eating every day.

After all, its sodium content and fat content are still very high.

If you are unable to eat instant noodles, you can refer to the principle of "more retreat and less supplement":

1. Reduce oil reduction

Choose relatively low fat content, and generally non -fried instant fat fats will be lower.

2. Reduce salt

Choose relatively low sodium content.

You can refer to the last column of the "nutrient reference value%" of the nutrient composition table, and try to select the small number as small as possible.

3. Put less seasoning/drink less soup

If you feel troublesome, you can choose a lazy way: less seasoning, drink less soup.

In addition, there are fewer high sodium content, such as ham sausage.

4. Control the total intake

Try to choose small packaging instant noodles. Now many brands have produced mini cup noodles, and they are hungry.

Eating less, the impact on health is naturally smaller.

5. Add some ingredients

When conditions permit, you can add boiled eggs, tofu, beef, prawns and other high -quality proteins when eating instant noodles.

Let’s have another vegetable to supplement vitamins and minerals.

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