How much can we lose weight on the day of giving birth?

For women, there are two fatigue periods in their lives. Except for menopausal periods, many pregnant mothers are waiting for unloading, and their weight can be greatly reduced.How much can I usually drop after giving birth to my baby?

See how much your weight decreases after the birth of your baby ~

Netizen Baby Beibei: Today is the 4th day of delivery. I lose 18 pounds. The speed of 2 pounds a day decreases.

Netizen Xing Heart: I have a cesarean section. I was called 116 before cutting.It’s eight days today, recovering well, and my stomach is flat.

Netizen Junjun Brother: I gave birth, 124 pounds before birth, today is 104 pounds on the third day after giving birth.

Netizen Sanhao Sao Nian: 164 pounds before his life, 145 to the ground the next day, and lost 19 pounds.At the time of discharge, 135 pounds, 7 pounds of female treasures.

In theory, in the full moon, assuming that the fetus weighs 3kg [PS. Newborn birth weight 2.5kg (5 pounds) will reach the standard, it will be very successful at about 6-7 catties IntersectionYou all love to slim, but make your children become a little fat and small fat girl?IntersectionIs it really good?], The amniotic fluid is about 800ml in full moon, even if it is 0.8kg and the placenta weighs about 0.5-0.6kg, then after giving birth, it is 3kg+0.8kg+(0.5 ~ 0.6kg) = 4.3-4.4kg.

What is the remaining 12.5kg-(4.3 ~ 4.4kg) = 8.1-8.3kg?The increase in fat, breasts, uterus and blood increase.

There is nothing to decrease on the day of these children.

Why are most women disappointed with weight loss after giving birth?

Because no matter whether it ’s smooth or cesarean section, during the actual delivery process, pregnant women may have eaten a lot of things, drink a lot of water, or have a lot of needles.Not enough 4.3-4.4kg …

However, don’t worry too much. If you obediently control the weight of the obstetrician during pregnancy, you can take the diet as required after giving birth. When she is retracted by her postpartum, many mothers will be satisfied with their weight.

With the end of childbirth, the blood in the mothers will slowly decrease, the uterine shrinks, the weight of the uterus will also decrease, the accumulated fat is slowly consumed, of course, the weight will naturally come down ~

In fact, most of the pregnant mommy will return to pregnancy before giving birth to about half a year after giving birth.The weight that the baby can’t lose after giving birth is mostly caused by the pregnant mummy without a reasonable control of diet during pregnancy.

How to control your diet appropriately during confinement?

1. You can drink brown sugar water appropriately, iron and diuretic.The iron content of brown sugar is very high, and it also contains a variety of trace elements and minerals, which can promote dew discharge and prevent urinary incontinence.However, too much drinking can cause new mothers to sweat more and lose salt in the body.Therefore, it is not advisable to drink for too long, do not exceed 10 days.

2, eat less meals, do not be greedy.Because the new mother in the confinement is mostly lying on the bed, so it is not advisable to eat too much for each meal, and you can eat it when you are hungry.

3. Drink more warm boiled water to avoid cold drinks.Drinks and alcoholic beverages are not suitable for new mothers in confinement. They should drink more warm boiled water to supplement a large amount of water lost in the body when sweating.

4. Do not control your diet in order to restore your body.For mothers in confinement, especially mothers who breastfeed, they should ensure that enough calorie intake should be ensured. Breastfeeding mothers should consume 700 calories more than normal women every day, so they must not lose weight during this period.

Slimming is a career of a woman’s lifetime. It is impossible to lose weight immediately after giving birth. Moms should not be disappointed. I believe that a reasonable diet and exercise after giving birth can make you have a girl.

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