How much blood pressure is normal in the early stages of pregnancy?Is the blood pressure of expectant mothers dangerous within the normal range?

Experts point out that the normal blood pressure of pregnant women should not exceed (130/90mmHg), or it should not exceed 30/15mmHg compared with the basic blood pressure).

For example, a pregnant woman with a basic blood pressure of 110/70mmHg has increased blood pressure to 140/100mmHg in the later pregnancy, which is not normal, called pregnancy hypertension.The normal blood pressure should not exceed (130/90mmHg), or no more than (30/15mmhg) compared with the basic blood pressure.

If the basic blood pressure of women is a bit low, then the systolic blood pressure in the later pregnancy is more than 30 or more higher than that in the early stages of pregnancy, or it is not normal for the diastolic pressure to be more than 15mmHg.For example, a person with a blood pressure of 85/60mmHg, the blood pressure in the post -pregnancy period is 120/80mmHg, should also be regarded as abnormal.

Generally speaking, pregnant women have low blood pressure, if there is no symptoms, it has little effect on the fetus; however, if the blood pressure is low in blood pressure, the internal distress syndrome of the fetus that can be ischemia and hypoxia can cause the fetus.Actively rescue the shock, improve blood pressure, and identify the cause, and perform active and effective therapy.

Therefore, pregnant women should understand their basic blood pressure in the early pregnancy examination, and then determine whether the blood pressure in the late pregnancy is normal according to the above method.

The current standard for blood pressure in my country is:

Normal blood pressure: systolic blood pressure <130mmHg, diastolic pressure <85mmHg.

Ideal blood pressure: systolic blood pressure <120mmHg, diastolic pressure <80mmHg.

Normal high limit: systolic blood pressure 130 ~ 139mmHg, diastolic pressure 85 ~ 89mmHg.

Hypertension: systolic blood pressure ≥140mmHg and (or) diastolic pressure ≥90mmHg.

The diagnosis of low blood pressure has no uniform standard.Generally, the blood pressure of an adult upper limb arteries is lower than 90/60mmHg, which is hypotension.

Unit description: Blood pressure is usually based on mmHg (MMHG).1 mm Hg is equal to 133.3224 Pa (PA).

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