How many times do ovulation test strips a day?Learn to use ovulation test strips to grasp the timing of "making people"

Each woman has a ovulation period. It is relatively easy to conceive during ovulation, so many women choose to conceive during the ovulation period.The ovulation test paper is also a small assistant for pregnant women who prepare for pregnancy. When preparing for the ovulation during ovulation during pregnancy, you can obviously master your ovulation.So is it better for pregnant women to use test strips a day during ovulation?

The ovulation test strip is mainly to detect the amount of ovulation, that is, drip your own urine on the ovulation test paper, so that you can detect it.The highest value of ovulation test strip is to show that the color of the test strip becomes dark red. When the color reaches the most, it is prompted to ovulate within 48 hours.Slide.

The ovulation test strip is also mainly through the content of luteal formation in the urine to speculate the ovulation time.Now there are two ovulation test strips on the market. One is a qualitative test strip that can only look at the depth, that is, to determine your ovulation volume through the shades of color, and the other is the semi -fixed quantitative test paper that can have a standard color plate.The seed test paper is better than the previous one, because you can obviously know which color of the test strip is closest to the color of the ovulation period.

Pregnant women should try not to drink water in the first two hours when the ovulation test strip, because drinking water and drinking can easily increase urination, and it is easy to dilute the concentration of urine. The measured ovulation is inaccurate.When testing ovulation monitoring, you can start from the tenth or 11th day after menstruation. If you are measured, you can measure it again every four hours. Generally speakingThe toilet, because the urine at this time is the best, and you can’t drink too much water before that, which will affect the results of the detection.

You need to pay attention when you are in the same room. Don’t be too intense, just appropriate.Pregnant women should also increase nutrition during pregnancy, pay more attention to eating some nutritious foods, and eat more vegetables and fruits.And pay more attention to keeping energy. Go to bed early and get up early every day. You can exercise more. This can make your energy better and increase the success rate of eggs and sperm conception.

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