How many days can "successful pregnancy" be detected?Maybe this time, do you know?

For women, there are two very big things in their lives: pregnancy and childbirth.Especially for newlywed couples, the first major event in life has just been completed, and it is very important to give birth to children.Especially with the opening of the country’s second child policy, more and more people are in the ranks of the army to prepare for pregnancy.But for newlywed couples, when can it be seen that it is difficult to conceive.Today, let’s take a look at how long it can be detected if the female friend can be detected after pregnancy?

How many days can "successful pregnancy" be detected?Maybe this time, do you know?

In fact, if the ovulation day of a female friend is very accurate, you can use the pregnancy test stick for more than ten days after the same room to detect whether it is successful.And when using the pregnancy test stick or pregnancy test paper, try to choose morning urine as much as possible, the effect will be more obvious.It is mainly to detect the HCJ content in urine.Although you can detect it in the bed in the fertilized egg in about 7 days, but for the sake of more accurate effect, it is different from each person’s constitution. It is better to wait for more than ten days before detection.

If you want to know if you are pregnant, these 3 pregnancy tests may help you:

1. Testing time for pregnancy test sticks

When choosing a pregnancy test stick to detect, you must choose the better quality, so it is more reliable for the result.And this method is a way of experimeniation by the largest number of people in modern life.However, if you choose to use the pregnancy test stick, you still have to test it from seven to ten days after menstruation, which may be better.If there is a deeper and shallow in the test results, pay attention to the detection again after 3 or 4 days. If the two red bars are displayed, the conception is successful.

2. Blood HCG detection time

In fact, for testing whether female friends have succeeded in conception, and testing the HCG value in the hospital in the hospital is the most reliable method.Generally during pregnancy, blood testing can be performed in ten days after ovulation day. Such a test method is more accurate than using a pregnancy test stick.

3. B -ultrasound check time

Many female friends choose to test B -ultrasound in the hospital for reliability.In fact, the B -ultrasound detection time may not be slightly late for about seven days after the same room, and it can usually be detected after ten days.Because the fertilized eggs had no way to observe it, only after he constantly split and differentiates embryos or happiness, it can be effectively detected at this time.And when doing B -ultrasound, female friends must remember urination, so the results will be more accurate.

What kind of way do you choose when you test whether you have a successful conception?Today the article will be shared here. If you have any opinions and opinions on this, please leave a message below.Xiaobian updates some small knowledge about pregnancy, conception, and parenting.

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