How many common pains do you have experienced after pregnancy?

Many pregnant mothers find that there will always be various pains after pregnancy, and there is no way to relieve it.Actually, this is "pregnant

"Pregnancy itself, finding the right source is the key.

The following is based on the incidence of various pains during pregnancy. List the 8 most common pain and solutions during pregnancy to see you

Which one belongs to?

1. Breast pain

In order to prepare sufficient nutrition for the baby after pregnancy, the estrogen hormone secreted in the body increases, stimulating breast growth and development.

Defendic tissue and breast tissue grow quickly, causing breast pain.

Solution: For normal physiological changes, only relaxation can be reduced.Choose the right pregnant woman underwear, model

It is too large, remove the steel ring to reduce the pressure on the breast; you can use hot towels to massage, which can relieve the pain and pain, with

The physical massage method can be referred to the figure below. If you use massage essential oils, you need to consult a doctor first ~

2. Back pain

Under the action of estrogen hormones and relaxation, the spine joint ligament gradually relaxes, causing back pain; at the same time

The increase of the uterus can compress the back nerves and cause pain.It can be said that it is the most obvious discomfort during pregnancy, 80%

Lumbar and back pain can last.

Solution: In addition to the hot compress massage, the most important thing is to reduce the compression of the spine lumbar spine.How to reduce oppression?

Studies have found that maintaining a 30 ° left on the left side can disperse the pressure of the waist and back, promote the cycle, and thus reduce pain.

Clinically recommended obstetrics to promote healing pillows to keep on the left side, a certain treasure on the Internet is sold, there is a 30 ° side lying angle, memory

The cotton internal core can also stabilize the support to prevent pregnant women from coming in a syndrome.Different from the old -fashioned pregnant women on the market, and

The cotton cotton is too soft to support the left side, and it cannot reduce the back pain.

3. Sciatica, tailbone pain

The weight of the fetus is continuously increased, which increases pressure on the back, which will compress the sciatic nerves; when sitting down, due to the large abdomen weight,

Pregnant women do not consciously lean back, which can cause compression pain in the tail, and it will also aggravate the pain of sciatic nerves.Generally manifest

Strong tingling below the waist to the leg.

Solution: When sitting down, use the product to promote healing support, which can disperse the pressure of the tolerance of the sciatica. At the same time

The grooves can overhead the tail spine to avoid compressive pain.Slow -back memory cotton material provides stable and effective support,

The bumps when cushioning by car.The obstetrics are sold on the Internet. Pay attention to screening fake goods. The material of the fake goods is harder.

The work is rough, there is only one path or even no breathability, and the space of the tailbone groove is not enough. I hope the expectant mothers are brightened

His eyes, don’t spend money.

4. pubic joint pain

Also due to the effect of relaxation, in order to better give birth to the fetus, pregnant women will have a mild pubic bone combination separation to lead

Pain; or due to the compression of the pubic bone after the fetus is enlarged, it causes the pubic joint pain.

Solution: It is also physiological changes, because the joints are relaxed to give birth smoothly.Generally, the duration does not last long,

It can be relieved by itself; pregnant mothers can also alleviate through massage and other methods, and you can ask the doctor in severe cases.

5. Pain in the lower limb edema

The increased uterus in the third trimester will compress the lower cavity vein, causing the blood and lymphatic flow back of the lower limbs to be blocked, causing the lower limbs

Pain in edema occurs mostly in the calf and ankle.In severe cases, the edema is obvious, and the depression can be pressed with your fingers.

Solution: Keep your left side position and raise your feet while sleeping at the same time to avoid compressing the lower cavity veins and promote the legs and feet

Swelling; you can use the obstetrics mentioned earlier to promote healing pillow, which can keep the left side position and have a comfortable shelf and feet.

Steel, scientifically raised 15cm feet, twice a day, 20 minutes each time, which can relieve swelling and pain in the lower limbs.

6. Abdominal pain: pregnancy vomiting, stomach pain

Common pregnancy during pregnancy is a normal physiological reaction; but gastric acid reflux during pregnancy vomiting can cause gastric mucosa and esophagus

Burning causes pain, which is usually called "acid reflux and heartburn"; at the same time, the uterus is constantly increasing, or

Compressing to the stomach is easier to reflect acid and aggravate symptoms.

Solution: eat less meals; exercise appropriately after meals to promote digestion; drink a little more water between the two meals; eat less before going to bed,

Do not lie down immediately after eating; pillow is raised a little during sleep.

7. Headache

The "progesterone" in progesterone is not only a necessary component for fetal growth and development, but also expands the blood vessels of the maternity brain.

Promote blood circulation; when the brain blood vessels are excessive, they will compress the nerves and cause headaches; at the same time, mental pressure during pregnancy

It is obvious and tired, which can also cause headaches.

Solution: Cold the forehead with cool towels to help blood vessels shrink; you can also perform some simple massage;

Make enough sleep for 7-8 hours; keep your mood happy and so on.

8. Gingival Pain

Peridity hormones affect, gum blood vessel permeability increases, bacteria are prone to enter blood vessels, causing gingivitis.Before pregnancy

There is a problem of gums. Often, severe problems will be exposed during pregnancy, gum pain will not dare to take medicine casually.


Solution: You must also develop a good habit of brushing your teeth on time during pregnancy; rinse your mouth in time after meals to maintain oral hygiene; teeth

Seek medical treatment in time, do not take medicine without authorization.

In response to these pains during pregnancy, I believe that many pregnant mothers know what to do.Remember not to be blind during pregnancy

Tolerance, finding the right method can relieve the symptoms of pain and improve the comfort during pregnancy ~

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