How long will vomiting last during pregnancy?Some mothers vomit in despair, 4 ways to help you relieve it moderately

In almost all film and television dramas, as long as the girls are pregnant with their baby, they will appear, that is, regardless of time and place, they will run towards the bathroom with a thunderbolt.I don’t know how many expectant mothers resonate with this picture. Can it be like Zhou Xingchi’s "vomiting, vomiting, and get used to it"?Come and think about some ways to save these pregnant mothers who are struggling in the sea of bitterness.

1. Why do you vomit?

The amount of progesterone secreted during pregnancy is increased, the gastrointestinal smooth muscle cells are relaxed, the peristalsis is slow, the secretion of digestive fluid and digestive enzymes will reduce the digestive speed;Symptoms of vomiting.

Second, the pregnancy vomiting relief?

Pregnant vomiting, people who have not experienced have no idea of its pain, really uncomfortable despair. What’s more serious is that it may cause symptoms such as weight loss, malnutrition, and dehydration of pregnant women.Then try these tricks quickly and appropriately relieve the symptoms of pregnancy.

1. Avoid "heavy" and "light":

After pregnancy, not only the taste and diet preference will change, but even the taste and smell become extremely sensitive, irritating odor, or food with strong taste may cause the expectant mothers to have uncomfortable reactions. Try to choose light, easy to digest as much as possibleFood will be better.

Prepare a small snacks such as bread slices and soda biscuits, and you can also appropriately relieve the discomfort after pregnancy; the fragrant vegetables, fruits, or pasta are also good food choices during this period.Avoid fried and fried foods that have a strong and difficult -to -digest food, and reduce the possibility of pregnancy.

2. Enjoy "slow" life:

Some pregnant moms have a serious pregnancy reaction when they get up in the morning. In order to make them less uncomfortable, it is recommended to sit slowly when they get up every day.After the stomach is more comfortable, get up and get up.

The number of meals can be increased every day, and the amount of each meal can be reduced, that is, eat less meals, which can reduce the burden on the stomach; slow down the meal speed during meals, increase the number of chews, and let the food fully perform physical crushing and some chemical digestion in the mouthIt is also the "pressure" that relieves the stomach.

3. Can walk without lying:

Many mothers feel that they will become more difficult to sleep after pregnancy, especially after eating, at this time, you need to be accompanied and encouraged by the prospective dad to lead the expectant mothers to "go away hundreds of steps after meals", which is good for the decrease in gastric juice decreased.The probability of upward flow; at the same time, it can also control the rapid weight growth during pregnancy.

4. Raise your chest:

When sleeping flat, it is also a time when pregnant mommy is relatively headache. In order to reduce the upward flow of the gastric juice, the pillow can be raised properly when the cervical spine is curved comfortably. At the same time, you can also choose to sleep on the right and try not to compress the stomach as much as possible.

If you still cannot relieve symptoms after using the above techniques, you can also choose to take some acid -resistant drugs.It is hoped that mothers can spend the pain of pregnancy during pregnancy and resurrection as soon as possible.

Mom, are you vomiting during pregnancy?What do you have tried to relieve pregnancy?Leave a message in the comment area below and share your pregnancy experience.

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