How long is the conception after X -ray or CT test?

Many people go to radiology to do inspections that are generally worried about radiation. X -ray and CT are one of the main diagnostic tools in clinical medical treatment.X -ray and CT do belong to radiation tests, but the radiation dose used for medical diagnosis is relatively safe to the human body. Considering the random effect of radiation examination, women of women who have been pregnant after receiving X -ray or CT examination are pregnant.It is safe.

Under the influence of sex hormones, women generally have only one primitive follicle mature per month. The mature ovaries are discharged from the ovaries. After the fallopian tube reaches the uterus, the ovaries can survive for about 48 hours after the ovaries are discharged.The discharged eggs are usually not radiated, that is, conception is safe for three months after radiation examination.

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Can MRI check during pregnancy?

MRI is an important imaging examination technology in the hospital. Magnetic resonance examination uses magnetic field imaging. It is not radioactive, so it is very safe to have no radiation for the human body.At present, there is no report on the incidence of genetic mutations or chromosomal distortion in the world due to magnetic resonance examinations. Therefore, MRI examinations during pregnancy and lactation are safe.

For MRI examinations during pregnancy, it is generally believed that the MRI examination should be carried out in the first three months of pregnancy, and the enhanced MRI examination should be avoided.If the MRI examination is needed three months before pregnancy, the doctor will agree with you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Can X -ray or CT test during lactation?

After the mothers experienced the hardships of October, they finally ushered in their lovely babies, but because certain diseases may need to perform X -ray or CT examinations during lactation. Bao mothers may worry about whether radioactive examinations will be on their own.Breast damage causes damage, will the secretion of milk be "spoiled" or absorb radiation after receiving radiation, will the baby eat it if you eat it …

First of all, the author once again emphasized that the radiation brought by conventional medical examinations is absolutely within the safety dose. Occasionally, one checks can hardly have any impact on adults;

Secondly, the main ingredients of milk are water, fat, protein, sugar and inorganic salts. These ingredients are not affected by medical X -ray irradiation. After receiving X -ray or CT examination, Baoma will not have any impact on milk.So after examination, you can breastfeed your baby.

Overall, if the expectant mothers and mothers are sick during breastfeeding, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Once there is any abnormalities in the body, the inspection that needs to be done should be done in time in accordance with the doctor’s advice.There is too much psychological burden, and it is important to feel comfortable.

The article reproduces the WeChat public account of the Third Hospital of Peking University, the author Tian Shuai and Zhang Yan.

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