How long does the cat give birth to?How long is the cat pregnant?

How long does the cat pregnant?

Cats usually have kittens in about three months of pregnancy. At this time, the owners must pay attention to taking care of the cats, and at the same time pay attention to the cat’s diet.

Cat’s pregnancy cycle is generally 60-63 days, and slight pregnancy reactions will occur after 7 days after successful mating.As the pregnancy period is extended, the cat’s pregnancy will become more and more obvious. Of course, if the cat does not mate when it is in estrus, then after it stops the estrus, it will beV estimnce.

Cats are generally 2 months pregnant, but the production time of cats is also closely related to its living environment, physical condition, eating habits, living habits, and so on.Therefore, it is also found that many cats have premature and difficult to give birth.For this reason, to ensure that cats can go smoothly and normal, it is very important to breed and manage during pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, the cat will have obvious childbirth in about one week before childbirth, and many cats will directly produce premature delivery, so the owners must take good measures.The so -called "three cats and four dogs" refers to the three months of pregnancy to have a baby, but it is also calculated by 24 hours a day (except for alien cats). Therefore, your cat’s cat should have a baby at the end of June.If it is a first tire, there are many preparations you have to do.Some cats of the first tires do not cut the umbilical cord. The scissors should be poisoned, helping the cat to cut the umbilical cord, and leave a knot when cutting.Cats will drink a lot of water after giving birth, so prepare milk in advance.In addition, since now, find a quiet and hidden place to make a nest for cats.Before the kitten is full, you must not peek. Some cats with strong temperament will kill the kitten because of it.

How long is the cat pregnant?

Three weeks after the mother cat mating, 90%of the chances of pregnancy after the pregnancy of the pregnancy of the pregnancy.It is 63 days during pregnancy, but it is generally considered to be 56-65 days.After 3 weeks of mating, the cat’s nipples expanded and pink.This is the first sign of pregnancy.Cats rarely "vomit". However, mild vomiting will occur 4-17 days after mating, and the preference for food has also changed. Basically, it will be fine for 2-3 days.After 4-5 weeks of mating, the stomach raised slightly.The size of the belly varies from the fetus.During this period, cats are very easy to have a miscarriage, so don’t touch their stomachs.Short -haired varieties, due to the role of hormones, the hair color is shiny.

After 7 weeks, the belly was more obvious, and the breasts opened.The weight increases by 1-1.5 kg, and the movements are slightly slow.Cats that provide rich protein and calcium pregnant cats will increase appetite when they begin to develop for 4 weeks when the fetus starts to develop for 4 weeks.For appetite cats with appetite, it can increase the amount of food that is doubled, but it cannot be given too much at a time, and it must be done 3-4 times.Food should be rich in protein and calcium for fetal growth. Like liver, lean meat, eggs, milk, cheese, dried fish, etc., it is advisable to be fresh and easy to digest.Severe diarrhea during pregnancy can cause abortion, so be careful not to be full or indigestion.

The pregnancy during pregnancy is about 63 to 66 days during pregnancy, but some will last until 71 days.If premature birth, most of them die shortly after birth or after delivery.Female cats during pregnancy will need more protein and calories, but if you feed high -quality food and nutritional balance, you do not need to change the quality of food within 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy.

Be careful not to feed too much during pregnancy, or cause obesity and muscle relaxation due to insufficient exercise, which will cause production difficulties.It is best to be the most simple delivery room. Open a mouth 10 to 15 cm away from the bottom to facilitate the mother cats and prevent the kitten from falling out.Come and follow the kitten.It is best to let the female cat adapt to this box 1 week before production. You can try to put a clean soft towel to encourage it to sleep.

When production is usually 1 to 2 days before production, the female cat will have no appetite to eat, which is more uneasy than usual. It also screamed more, or tears the things in the box used in production, or even vomit.Near time for production, it is more suitable for licking the abdomen and reproductive organs.If you do not place the female cat in the delivery room in advance, she may be produced in your bed, in the closet or other places …

Once the kitten is born, the fetal sac will be broken immediately to allow the kitten to breathe freely. Usually the female cat will do it immediately, but what will the female cat do not experience or nervous. If this is the case, you should immediately immediatelyBreaking the membrane sac, otherwise the kitten will suffocate.If the umbilical cord has not fallen off at birth, the female cat will clean up the kitten after giving birth to a kitten, and naturally bite the umbilical cord. If the kitten is born for 15 minutes, if the female cat has not started to clean it, thenYou can use a clean wire or a dental floss without waxing, and tie it from the body 1 to 2 5 cm away from the body, cut off the umbilical cord that is too long, but the umbilical cord that is too short is easy to infected, so the umbilical cord left is not indispensable.The too short, soak the iodine solution or disinfect the water at the fracture.

Cat Three Dogs

This means that cats are three months old and four months old

How long does it take to have a second child? You have to look at when he matches three months. It seems that you can have a baby in 3 months.

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