How long does it take to disappear after pregnancy?Various pregnancy reactions vary from person to person

Many women will have some early pregnancy reactions after pregnancy, such as breast pain, vomiting, rising body temperature and other symptoms. Among them, nausea and vomiting are the most obvious.In fact, it is normal to have these symptoms, so you don’t need to worry, that is, it is a bit long. How long does it take to disappear?We can learn through the content below.

Because women’s hormones and HCG will rise after pregnancy, in this case, some symptoms in the early pregnancy will occur.Because everyone’s physique is different, the pregnancy reaction is also different.The pregnancy reaction generally occurs when menopause is about 40 days. Specific symptoms include worries, lethargy, tiredness, etc.However, some symptoms such as nausea will disappear by themselves when they are about 12 weeks of pregnancy, but some pregnant women may continue from the early pregnancy to childbirth.In fact, vomiting after pregnancy varies from person to person.

It is normal for the nausea in early pregnancy and has no effect on physical health, so don’t be too nervous.Just keep a good mood and pay more attention to rest.However, if you want to alleviate the disgusting situation, you can improve it by diet. For example, you can eat as little as possible for some greasy foods or fried time, eat more light food, some foods with high alkaliIt can be relieved in terms of extent.If the situation is serious, such as causing some situations such as hypoglycemia, dehydration or abnormal liver function, you need to be hospitalized.

The nausea of pregnancy will slowly disappear after 12 weeks. As long as the HCG level of the human body decreases at this time, some early pregnancy symptoms that appear early in pregnancy will disappear.However, during this period, you need to pay more attention to rest. Try not to go to places with many people when eating, because the air quality is not good, and there will be some odor, which will cause the disgusting situation to be more serious.When brushing your teeth, it is best to choose some fresh taste and better taste, so that to a certain extent, it can also relieve the symptoms of nausea.

How long can the sickness of pregnancy last? This still needs to be dependent on personal constitution, but most of the pregnant women usually disappear this situation after three months. A few pregnant women may continue until delivery before disappearing.No matter how long the disgusting situation will last, you need to be physical. If the disgusting situation is particularly serious, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.In daily life, some diet can be improved.

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