How long does it take for a baby to be suitable after marriage?It’s not a good thing to get pregnant as soon as you get married. This period is the most ideal

As soon as Xiao Nan got married, her mother -in -law urged the young couple to quickly ask for the child. She said that she could help watching for two years while she was young.I felt my stomach hurt, and my lower body began to see red. The doctor said that the child had miscarriage. This caused the family to be trapped. Xiao Nan even had a psychological shadow on pregnancy. He didn’t want to prepare for anything.

Is the newly married couple suitable for children?After reading the answer, you will know

The two people haven’t passed the sweet period, and the life of husband and wife is easy to control

The young couple who just got married is so good that it is the same as Miri, and the life of the husband and wife is also very frequent. At this time, if the conception is successful, the husband will have to control it. In the early pregnancy, you must pay special attention.This seems to be difficult to do, always holding the fluke, in case of abortion, it is not good.The American medical community has investigated hundreds of honeymoon couples. The aura abortion rate of honeymoon babies is as high as 20%, which fully illustrates the problem. When marriage enters a stable period, it may be better.

Little couples are preparing for weddings, and their physical overdrafts are serious

Under normal circumstances, many husbands and wives are preparing for the wedding half a year in advance. The woman is beautiful at the wedding. Losing weight is essential.Other women take diet pills, drink weight -loss tea, and strive to reach the thinnest before marriage.What about men, accompany the decoration house and running to work. During the wedding, it is indispensable for entertainment, smoking and drinking, coupled with tiredness, the body is not the best state. When you get married, you have children.Not conducive to eugenics.

Not ready to be parents yet

Many Baoma has a relationship with her husband after giving birth to her husband, and also has disgust. This is because I did not realize the happiness of the two -person world. There is one more child.It is also gradually alienated. As soon as you get married, you are your parents. The couple cannot accept it psychologically, let alone how to be a good parent, so the couple should have a transition period, first go to the two worlds, and then slowly look forward to it.Three -person world, psychologically mature, the two can give birth to children together, and they are more responsible.

When do you want your children to be most suitable?

This is different from person to person. Objectively speaking, the couple have passed the sweet period and the children are most suitable when they transition to the stable period. Some studies have shown that human love can only last for 18 months.It becomes a family relationship. It depends on the relationship between the little couple. Generally speaking, after one and a half years of marriage, the couple is almost the same.It is also within the scope of eugenics and eugenics. At this time, it is the most suitable for children to go, which is conducive to each other’s feelings.Many young people around me are also children who are about 1.5-2 years of marriage, and they are now very happy.

Of course, no absolute, some people feel that they are not mature, they need to run in again, and some people feel that they are busy with their careers first, and ask for children’s affairs, etc., to say, if the child is not based on the foundation of helplessness, must, and generalization,It is the willingness of the husband and wife to from the heart. The arrival of the child is the most suitable time. What do you say?

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