How long does it survive after the eggs are excreted?If these 3 feelings are comfortable, it means that ovulation is ovulation

Although the eggs are not seen with the naked eye, we are no stranger. After the monthly passage of the month, it is ovulation time, so many women who do not want baby will take contraceptive measures to avoid accidental pregnancy.Said, you will hurry up.So, how long does it take for the eggs to survive after the eggs are excreted? What feelings of a woman’s body shows ovulation. Today we will introduce it to you.

Most women’s eggs survive for 2 days, a small part of 3 days, but there are also many women’s eggs only 1 day, the shortest or even less than 12 hours.

Women in normal age -reducing age will only excrete one egg every month. If the egg survive is only 1 day or less than 1 day, then the preparation couple should be arranged on the day of ovulation day.

The first feeling: small abdominal pain.

In addition to stomach discomfort caused by physical health and menstrual pain, if women have this feeling after ten days, it means that the ovulation period is about to arrive.In the ovulation period, women’s bodies may have abdominal pain, but don’t worry. This situation is just mild. It will not last a long time, one or two minutes.

The second feeling: vigorous energy.

If you suddenly feel energetic, this time will become more and more hot, and your interest in the life of husband and wife will be higher.These feelings show that you are already ovulation.Don’t miss this.A woman excludes only one egg in a month.If you miss it, you can only wait until next month.So if she wants to conceive her baby, not only knows the date of ovulation, but also prepares.

The third feeling: increased body temperature.

In the ovulation period, women will have a higher physical temperature than usual, about 0.5.Some women who are more sensitive to their bodies can soon discover the situation.If they are preparing to get pregnant, this is a good signs.At this time, if they get married, they will be easier to conceive their babies.But some women can’t feel the change of body temperature, so this test method may not be suitable for her.It’s better to look at other methods.

The ovulation period is the largest number of days of pregnancy, so if you prepare for pregnancy, you must not miss these days and hurry up to make people, so that you can usher in your own good baby as soon as possible.

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