How long can I test the best time to grasp pregnancy after the same room

A few days after the same room can measure pregnancy? For couples with fertility, the most concerned question is when when I can conceive to the baby. If you want to know if you are pregnant, you can get pregnant.It is easy to buy various pregnancy testing tools, but do you know how to use pregnancy testing tools correctly?

How to master the best time to test pregnancy?

1. After 15 days of life, you can use test strips. After a week, you can do blood HCG to clearly diagnose whether you are pregnant.

2. Ovulation is about the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. Assuming that the fertilized eggs are achieved at this time, then the fertilized eggs need to produce HCG as soon as 6 or 7 days, and the pregnancy test sticks are judged by measured HCG.The HCG really starts to secrete a large quantity is that after the bed is bed, the synthetic nourishing cells begin to secrete a large number of HCG.It takes at least 11 days to bed in bed.Therefore, the earliest 6 days, if you want to be more accurate, wait for 11 days, then it is more accurate.

3. Use the pregnancy test stick to simply and accurately test whether women are pregnant, so female friends understand when the pregnancy test stick is used to use the most accurate, very useful.However, the pregnancy test stick is not very accurate, so it is better to determine whether you are pregnant or go to the hospital for examination.

4. It is recommended to use the first urine in the morning to detect it, because the hormone level at this time is the easiest to detect.If you use it at least at least four hours in the bladder, you need to detect it at least four hours.In addition, do not drink too much moisture to increase urine, because this will dilute the level of hormones.

Symptoms in the early pregnancy

The symptoms of pregnancy vomiting are mild and severe. The mild pregnancy reaction has no great impact on the body and does not require special treatment. As long as it is stable, rest properly, pay attention to adjusting the diet.The morning vomiting of the first three months of pregnancy is normal. After the first three months, the symptoms will be significantly improved, and it will usually return to normal in the second trimester.

Mentalal discontinuation is a typical symptom of women’s pregnancy. Women with sexual life need to check whether they are pregnant in time if menstruation does not arrive on time.

I often feel difficult to sleep, I especially want to sleep, and I feel tired after walking for a long time.


1. Be careful in the same room in the first three months of pregnancy, because the embryo is in the initial development stage. In the early pregnancy, the risk of abortion will increase the risk of abortion.

2. You cannot do physical work in the first three months of pregnancy. You must slow down the movements when bending down and squatting.

3. Avoid viral infections in the first three months of pregnancy. After pregnancy, the immune ability of pregnant women is not as good as before. Therefore, in the season when the epidemic disease is often occurred, reducing to pregnant women is conducive to anti -virus infection.After pregnancy, pregnant women will emit much more than before pregnancy, so they must also prevent heat stroke.

4. In order to avoid vomiting, pregnant women can adhere to the principle of eating less meals and not give up eating because of vomiting, otherwise it will affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.In order to improve the appetite of pregnant women, you can eat more sweet and sweet fruits such as bayberry and strawberries.

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