How long can I test it?What are the symptoms after pregnancy?If you don’t know, come here!

Many husbands and wives want a child who belongs to themselves, so it is very concerned about whether the successful pregnancy to the husband and wife is very concerned.In many cases, some women are pregnant, but they do not know that they are pregnant, and then do not pay attention to diet and rest, which affects the fetus.So, how long can I get pregnant?

Generally speaking, seven to ten days after the husband and wife are in the same room, you can detect whether you are pregnant.However, some women do not detect pregnancy during this period, and don’t worry, because individual differences, some take a long time to test.In short, after the same room is in the same room, you can measure your pregnancy as early as a week, and you can test whether you are pregnant after about three weeks.

In fact, how long it can be tested for pregnancy, different detection methods have different time.For example, early pregnancy test strips or test stick testing time is different from the blood HCG testing time. In addition, there are B -ultrasound test time and basic body temperature testing time.The testing time of each means is as follows:

1. Early pregnancy test strips and pregnancy test stick testing time.If you want to use early pregnancy test strips and pregnancy test sticks to detect whether you are pregnant, you can choose to test after menstruation delayed 3 to 5 days.If two red bars are displayed on the early pregnancy test paper or on the pregnancy test stick, it means that it is pregnant, and on the contrary, it means that there is no pregnancy.Of course, this detection method is not 100 % accurate.

2. Blood HCG test pregnancy time.Women want to go to the hospital for a blood drawing to check whether they are pregnant, so they can go to the hospital for a blood HCG test at about 10 days after the sex of the husband and wife to determine whether they are pregnant.

3. B -ultrasound check pregnancy time.In addition to the above two detection methods, you can also choose B -ultrasound to check.If you want to choose the B -ultrasound check method to detect whether you are pregnant, you can go to the hospital for B -ultrasound for seven days of delay in menstruation.Generally speaking, B -ultrasound is very accurate to detect whether you are pregnant.

4. Basic body temperature test pregnancy time.Basic body temperature test is also a means to detect whether women are pregnant, but it is not recommended to use this method because accuracy is not too high.If you want to detect whether you are pregnant through the basic body temperature test method, you can choose to test your basic body temperature every day after menstruation delayed. At least seven days should be tested.It’s right.

Through the above content, we all know how long it can be measured.So, what are the symptoms after pregnancy?

1. Pregnancy

Generally, when pregnant women are more than 6 weeks of pregnancy, pregnancy vomiting is prone to, especially in the morning on an empty stomach.In addition to the phenomenon of pregnancy, the sense of smell of pregnant women also becomes very sensitive. Once they smell the unpleasant smell, it is easy to be pregnant.These phenomena are normal, and pregnant women don’t have to worry.

2. Easy to be hungry

Most women feel hungry after pregnancy, always want to eat, and they also like what they don’t like before.This is a normal phenomenon, and it is mainly light in terms of choosing food.

3. Easy to fatigue and sleep, love to sleep

Many women will perform very mentally after pregnancy. They are not able to do anything. They are easy to get tired and sleepy. They also like to sleep.

4. The menu period has not come

The most obvious characteristic of women before pregnancy is delayed menstruation. This is because women increase the number of progesterone during pregnancy and the changes in hormones in the body, which delayed the symptoms of menstruation.

5. Vaginal secretions increase significantly

Once women are pregnant, vaginal secretions will increase significantly. This is because of the influence of the sharp increase in hormones, which is a normal phenomenon.However, if the vaginal itching has a odor, go to the hospital for examination in time, so as not to have an adverse effect on the fetus.

6. Increased urination frequency

After women are pregnant, the uterus grows slowly and oppresses the bladder. Therefore, pregnant women often want to go to the toilet, but they are not clean. Don’t worry. This is normal, don’t worry.What needs to be reminded is that you must not urinate, and you must urinate if you have urine.

7. It is more sensitive to some odors

Some pregnant women are also sensitive to some odors in the early stages of pregnancy.Generally, when pregnant women are about 5 weeks of pregnancy, due to the changes in progesterone and hormones, they will be sensitive and nauseous to some bad odors, which will lead to pregnancy vomiting.

8. Breast tingling sensation

Most women become very sensitive after pregnancy, accompanied by tingling, itching or swelling.These are normal, don’t worry too much.Once a woman is pregnant, the breast will grow with the breasts like the breasts, which is a must -have process of being a mother.

The above information is the relevant content of how long the pregnancy can be tested and what symptoms are available after pregnancy.Pregnancy is a matter for husband and wife, so as a husband, you must take care of his wife more, so that his wife will reduce the depression before pregnancy.If you have the idea of your child, during the period of pregnancy, the life of the couple must be healthy and quality.

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