How long can I have children after X -ray check?

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Guide expert: First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Wang Fangjun, Director of the Imaging Department

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X -ray examination is a common way of image inspection, especially to shoot X -rays.X -ray radiation may cause certain damage to human cells, and the damage to germ cells will affect the descendants of the individual and generate a genetic effect.In order to prevent the possible impact of X -ray inspection (X -rays, CT, DSA) on future generations, Professor Wang Fangjun, director of the Imaging Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that children can be required for 3 months after the X -ray examination.

Why do pregnancy taboo radiation examination?

The X -ray radiation generated by X -ray examination will have a certain effect on the cells, but the sensitivity of various parts of the human body to radiation radiation is different. The higher the radiation sensitivity, the more likely it is to be damaged.In summary, the general law of cells to radiation sensitivity is that cells in normal division are sensitive to radiation, while normally non -divided cells are resistant to radiation.Reproductive cells (spermocytes, egg cells) are highly sensitive tissues, and radiation damage is greater than the remaining cells.

The important substances that have a human genetic task with reproductive cells are chromosomes and genes that are closely related to the inheritance of reproductive cells.Such changes may be passed on to future generations if germ cell chromosomes or genes change.Radiation can break the cell chromosomes to break and disturb, and can cause certain genes on the chromosome to lose, increase or displacement, leading to mutation, causing the offspring to cause deformed, hereditary diseases, or dying of offspring unsuitable.Therefore, it is necessary to consider the radiation problem brought by the inspection during pregnancy.

But after three months of pregnancy?

Do you need to avoid radiation testing when you are pregnant?In fact, with the continuous improvement of inspection equipment, the radiation of image inspection has been greatly reduced.In particular, X -ray films have been minimalized. According to relevant information, the chest X -ray was taken 20 times during pregnancy, and the fetal malformation rate was only 1 ‰, which was far less than the deformed incidence of general fetuses (3%).It can be seen that occasionally one or two X -ray thoracic penetration or filming during pregnancy does not increase the incidence of fetal malformations, especially after 3 months of pregnancy, the possibility of teratings is less likely.But parents will still worry.Professor Wang Fangjun suggested that these parents can have children after three months of X -ray inspection.From the perspective of the growth cycle of reproductive cells, sperm development process is about 3 months, so pregnancy is safer after three months.

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