How long can I do a drug flow after pregnancy?

How long is it suitable for pregnancy?

1. The restrictions on pregnancy abortion are quite strict for pregnancy time. Because of the time of the drug flow, the pregnancy sac will gradually become larger, and the drug can no longer effectively prevent the development of the gestational sac, make it necrotic, and promote uterine contraction.It is easy to cause incomplete drug flow or even severe bleeding, leading to danger of life.

2. The applicable time of drug abortion is in the early days of pregnancy (39-49 days from the last menstruation of Youtian. After you are clear, you can do a drug and abortion within 49 days to terminate your pregnancy.In the case, the effect will be better. The entire process of abortion of drugs is relatively long. You need to take the medicine for 3 days at home. After taking the Kaiguku drug at the hospital on the day of the abortion, you can observe for several hours at the hospital.

3. In view of the huge risks of drug flow, the provincial regulations must be implemented under the guidance and supervision of the authorized hospitals and doctors, which are strictly forbidden to private drug flow.However, in our country, women who are pregnant at home are not performed at home, causing major cases of bleeding to cause death abound, and the proportion of infection leaves a high proportion of sequelae.

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The harm of blind drug flow:

1. Menstrual disorders

Prevention drugs can inhibit the function of the ovarian, affect the growth and development of follicles, and even ovulation can cause menstrual disorders after abortion of individual women.

2. Cause infection

It may cause infection. After taking a pregnancy resistance, women in the uterine cavity can be discharged on the same day. Sometimes the pregnancy tissue fabrics are discharged complete.3 weeks, even 1 to 2 months.Long -term chronic blood loss can cause anemia and reduce physical resistance.At this time, bacteria are often retrograde by the vagina, causing endometriosis.

3. Affect the normal pregnancy in the future

The drug flow is not suitable for everyone. If unmarried women are pregnant and repeated abortion, it can cause repeated damage to the endometrium. Due to the damage of the endometrium, once they need normal pregnancy, the prenatal placenta is prone to occur, which can cause pre -diminating pre -deliveryBleeding, some women have habitual abortion due to multiple artificial flow.

4. Incant abortion

Some women have an incomplete abortion after medication, which affects uterine contraction and the repair of endometrial wounds, which increases the amount of vaginal bleeding significantly, exceeding 2 to 3 times the usual menstrual flow.Causes anemia and shock.


Pain level: severe pain, very painful blood clots flowing out, it may last 1-2 days, more than 2 days is abnormal.

Whether the drug flow is successful: Whether the milky white gestational sac is discharged, whether the discharge is completely.Unsuccessful means failure, you need to perform surgery.

Advantages: Early the embryo is small, the smaller the embryo, the higher the power, the smaller the damage (note that you need to do the B -ultrasound first to determine the size of the embryo).

Disadvantages: Long time, severe pain, may cause persistent bleeding. The influenza failure needs to perform clearance surgery, that is, artificial abortion surgery.

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