How is the cat’s due date after pregnancy?How to judge pregnancy and going to be born?

The expected period of cats is generally about 64 days. From the day of the cat mating, the date is generally not too large.

1. How can cats judge pregnancy

1. Stop estrus immediately

The female cat has a long estrus time,

And the estrus during estrus is particularly serious.

If the cat is pregnant,

The next day Tmall’s immediately disappeared, which may be pregnant (the chance of fake pregnancy is also available).

2. Changes in food volume

Cats start to eat some changes when they start pregnancy,

It may become smaller when you are pregnant. Cats are also strange to their physical changes, and they even doubt their cats there stupidly.

But soon with the growth of the babies in the stomach,

The cat had no time to doubt the cat, because it is eaten constantly.

3. Sleep

This one actually thinks it is option for cats, many people think it is optional,

After all, cats usually like to sleep very much.

But the cat after pregnancy,

It is necessary to climb the peak in sleep, and the time for sleeping is more long.

In fact, just to eat, just sleep,

Usually toys are not attentive.

4. Nipple changes

After the cat is pregnant, the nipple changes earlier than other animals.

The nipples change from light pink to dark pink.

And with the increase of pregnancy time,

The hair on the cat’s nipples will fall off. It is estimated that many owners think that cat Foree.

Those who bring cats to see a doctor can also forgive,

Those who spray various fungal drugs on them can pull out 3,600 big mouths on the left and right.

5. Emotional changes

After the cat is pregnant, there will be some changes in emotions,

For example, some cats will become anxious, and some cats will be careful.

Individual cats will change their emotional changes,

I don’t like the owner to bother her. If she is disturbed, the temper will grow up.

6. Increase the number of times to the toilet

Cats will increase to the toilet after pregnancy,

I usually go to the toilet once or twice a day, now more than 2 times a day.

And there are not many urine every time,

Frequently, the owners who think that cats have problems with cats or renal function, refer to the 4th processing method above.

7. The belly becomes larger

Cats generally measure the waist circumference in the third week,

The belly that visible to the naked eye in the fourth week becomes larger.

At this time, you can basically judge that cats are pregnant,

Go to the pet hospital for examination, you can see a few kittens in your stomach.

2. How to calculate the Cat due date

Cat due to 64 days,

The time of the kitten in the stomach may change 2-4 days.

The general calculation method is to calculate from the day of the cat mating,

Just add 64 days, and you can take 30-31 days per month.

Third, the omen of cats to produce

1. Emotional anxiety

Cats are uneasy, kept crying, scratching all kinds of things,

It is completely different from the emotion during pregnancy.

2. Decreased appetite

Cats with a great increase in appetite because of pregnancy,

Suddenly I don’t like to eat, and then judge other factors.

3, colostrum secretion

Cat’s nipples will come out of milk after squeezing,

Although not many, it can be seen that it is milk.

4. Changes in the pussy color change

The cats before production will be flushed,

The color is very different, and the liquid will be secreted in a few hours before the production.

5. Temperature changes

The temperature of the rectum will decrease once than usual,

However, the cats who want to produce do not like to be inserted into chrysanthemums, so this trick is used with caution, otherwise the consequences will be at their own risk.

Cats are pregnant, many cat owners are more nervous than cats,

It is recommended to prepare various things in advance for delivery, and conditions can be safer to produce in pet hospitals.

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