How do pet dogs judge pregnancy and how to take care of, what do you need to pay attention to?

Dogs are also a big event, especially the first pregnancy dogs are still risky, so we must take good care of it.

1. How to judge pet pregnancy

If your dog may be pregnant after mating or not knowing whether to matt, but with the following symptoms, you may be pregnant.

1. Quan contraction

If the dog mating is successful,

About one week after mating, observing a significant rapid contraction in the genitals.

This rapid contraction is the earliest method of judging the dog’s pregnancy.

And the accuracy is relatively high.

2. Emotional changes

The dog will change significantly after pregnancy,

In the past, the particularly lively dogs became cautious, and it was not easy to move.

In the early stages of pregnancy, most dogs will have emotional changes.

It is more cautious and irritable, especially when the body response is relatively large in the early stages of pregnancy.

3. Lazy sleep

The dog feels lazy than before,

Take a few steps or go to the ground and don’t want to move on the ground.

And it is even more drowsiness than before,

There is much more time to sleep every day than before.

4. Special can be eaten

The amount of dog meals has gradually increased, and more and more,

Even the amount of meals was twice as much as possible.

And how much to eat,

It’s like you can’t eat it forever.

5. Increase urination

After pregnancy, after a certain stage,

Dogs have increased significantly.

The number of defecations in the later period will also increase,

If it is convenient to go outside and bending outside, it is recommended to go out a few more times.

6. The nipple becomes big red and swollen

After the dog is pregnant,

The nipples will become bigger and swollen.

This is the normal phenomenon after pregnancy,

Instead of talking on the nipple, it is estimated that some owners take the dog to see a doctor before they know that their dogs are pregnant.

7. The belly becomes larger

With the development of dogs in the stomach,

The dog’s belly will gradually increase.

Touch the dog’s belly,

Can even touch the peristalsis of the embryo inside.

Second, the dog’s pregnancy is divided into three stages

1. The first stage (1-30 days)

Generally, the first day of the dog mating to the first month after mating,

It is the first stage we usually say.

This stage is the key stage of be careful of the fetal fetus,

So do not let the dogs do strenuous exercise at this stage,

Keep moderately mild exercise, and you don’t need to give too much diet. You should not eat too much at first, otherwise it is easy to gain weight.

Dogs are particularly taboo for excessive fat,

Because excessive fatness is very harmful to puppies.

2. The second stage (31-45 days)

This stage is the stage where embryos are gradually developing in the dog’s belly.

Keep a good mood and increase appropriate exercise.

More than usual exercise,

This is conducive to the production of dogs.

Because the embryo in the stomach starts to grow, there will be more nutrition you need.

You can add some diet appropriately, but do not live too much to avoid obesity.

3. The third stage (46-63 days)

This stage is the stage of crazy development of the puppy in the dog’s belly.

Because the puppy develops quickly and quickly, the dog’s belly will become very large.

At this stage, the dog mother needs more nutrition,

But be sure to control the nutritional intake. The dog food is 50%more than before.

Although the dog’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, the movement is a bit difficult,

However, the necessary exercise still needs to be done. Take the dog’s mother to take a walk, which is conducive to production.

In the last few days, the dog’s mother will be anxious, grab or grab other things with her paws,

1-2 before giving birth, the mother of the dog began to lose appetite, and even started not to eat or drink, which shows that it is about to give birth.

Third, what to pay attention to when pregnant dogs bite

1. Give the dog a comfortable environment

This living environment requires quiet, warm, clean and hygienic,

This environment is relatively large, but there are soft cushions with higher border or higher edges.

Take a dog out every day before walking and walk,

Disinfection of the environment, disinfection uses colorless and safe and safe disinfection.

2. Move the dog’s temper change

Dogs are pregnant, especially early and in the middle and middle period.

Mother dogs will have some discomfort, which causes the dog mother to be particularly sensitive and alert and even irritable.

At this time, I will move to the dog mother,

Don’t blame him or even hit the dog because of the dogs.

3. It is important to prevent dogs from getting fat

After the dog is pregnant, the diet will become very large,

This is a dual needs of physiology and psychology after pregnancy.

But at this time, you can’t let the dog eat too much,

It is necessary to strictly control the amount of dogs’ food, eat less and eat and eat, and it is not better than 50%of the usual consumption.

4. Choose nutrition with caution

Dogs generally do not use various nutrients in the early stages of pregnancy,

If you have a loss of appetite, you can feed a probiotic to regulate the stomach, which is good for alleviating the initial discomfort.

Some nutritional products can be appropriately added in the second trimester,

For example, goat milk powder can also add meat, eggs and milk.

But it is best to be cooked after the meat,

It is not recommended to eat raw meat for dogs, because the problem of parasites cannot be avoided.

5. Persist in exercise

Be sure to exercise during pregnancy,

Of course, this movement refers to some walks, jogging and other exercises.

Dogs are not recommended to exercise violently in all stages of pregnancy,

The first and third stage exercise appropriately, and the second stage requires more than usual exercise.

6. Bath carefully

Because the pregnancy time is as long as 63 days,

Some clean dog owners are worried, and they can’t take a bath for more than two months.

Of course, here is a cautious bath, that is, you can still take a bath.

It’s just that bathing is faster than usual. After washing, wrap the dog’s whole body and blow dry hair quickly.

In addition, try to avoid bathing in the first and third stage,

If you are dirty, you can use a wet towel or water to clean part of the body.

7, sufficient drinking water

Drinking water for pregnant dogs is much more water than usual,

So give the dog sufficient drinking water.

Especially in the days when dogs bite,

It is necessary to keep drinking water absolutely safe.

Otherwise, the dog’s mother is thirsty when she has a puppy,

Sometimes the possibility of eating puppies appears.

8. Regular pregnancy test

After suspected that the dog may be pregnant,

Take the dog for pregnancy test as soon as possible to determine whether you are pregnant and how to pay attention.

According to the doctor’s order, the time for each pregnancy examination is agreed,

The last pregnancy test is usually 1-2 days before birth.

9. Prepare the pet hospital phone in advance

Leave a pet hospital or a pet doctor before the dog is born,

If you encounter problems in the dog’s production, please consult and reply in time.

When the dog has been born for a long time, I can’t give birth or how many can I get out.

Send the dog to the pet hospital as soon as possible to treat it.

10. Prepare the corresponding pick -up supplies

Dogs are about to produce, you need to prepare some supplies for the dog,

For example, prepare a large urine pad for dogs, and the urine pad is lighter and safer than previous toilet paper or newspaper.

You can also prepare some trauma disinfection, scissors, cotton threads, skins, etc. (all supplies must be disinfected in advance),

These are mainly dogs that dogs do not bite the umbilical cord by themselves, helping dogs to cut and bundle umbilical cords.

11. It is best to produce in pet hospitals

If possible, it is recommended to produce in a pet hospital.

Doctors and assistants in pet hospitals have rich experience and complete equipment.

Therefore, production safety is higher in pet hospitals,

If the doctor thinks it is difficult to give birth, it is recommended to give a cesarean section.

Although dogs are pregnant, although it is more common,

But there are still many risks in this process.

It is recommended that this process must be handled carefully,

I hope that the dog’s mother will be able to produce smoothly, and the mother and son will be safe.

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