How do novice mothers judge whether they are pregnant?

It didn’t take long for Ms. Li to get married. The couple, Qingqing, I was unwilling to separate, so it didn’t take long for Ms. Li to feel that there was some different body.Ms. Li always feels that I ca n’t eat anything these days, and I always have nausea, and her own holiday has passed for many days. At this time, Ms. Li suspected that she might be pregnant. The happy Ms. Li told the good news that the good news told this good newsHusband, her husband is also very happy. In order to determine the news, Ms. Li came to the hospital with her husband’s company, but the result disappointed them. It turned out that it was just ordinary gastroenteritis, not pregnancy, and the menstrual period was delayed.Just because Ms. Li has always been inaccurate in this regard, not because of pregnancy.

Hearing this news, Ms. Li is naturally very lost, but this is the fact, so Ms. Li has no way to accept it.In fact, many girls will have this situation like this. Under what circumstances can we correctly judge whether they are pregnant?

In fact, it is not a difficult thing to find if you have a pregnancy, just pay attention to the method.First of all, you can pay attention to your menstrual changes like Ms. Li. Of course, this method is more useful for those girls with more accurate menstruation, but the accuracy of this is indeed not good.To use other methods.If you feel that your menstrual period is postponed and very worried, girls can buy the test strip of the test, and operate according to the above instructions to check whether they are pregnant.The accuracy of this method is definitely much better than that of guessing, but it is also wrong, so when choosing this method, don’t be too sure and believe in this result.

Another is that the body temperature of women who are pregnant are higher than others, so you can use the thermometer to measure your body temperature. If the body temperature is relatively high for many days, it is not a fever, it may be pregnant.The above methods are still there, so the more accurate method is to go to the hospital for examination. You can choose to go to the hospital to test a blood. The accuracy of this method is still very high, so this method can be tried with confidence.What may get it will be the result you want.Another method is to do B -ultrasound. This method is more suitable for women who have been pregnant for a while. This is more accurate.

These methods above help women know if they are pregnant. Of course, it is better to find it early.Because when I was pregnant, I was very dangerous. I need to take good care of it and not relax. If you find it early, it is easierDon’t always think about whether your body is wrong.And women after pregnancy need to protect and take good care of yourself, because now you are not just taking care of yourself, there is one in your belly, so you need to protect yourself.

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