How do girls know that they are pregnant?Netizen: I went to the hospital for examination and found that there were twins with twins

How do girls know that they are pregnant?Netizen: I went to the hospital for examination and found that there were twins with twins

I was pregnant for more than half a year after getting married, and I have been deceived before. I told my husband if I was pregnant in that month, because I have been inaccurate menstruation. Every time my husband is looking forward to itHusband said whether she was pregnant. My husband said not to lie to me, and cheated again. I also said that it might, but did not conceive. Later, the husband bought a test paper and tried it. It was really two bars.I was dumbfounded, and I felt that there was a problem with the test strip.My husband had to ask me to call my mother. I said that it was not possible, my husband gave my mother himself.

I have been married for 5 months, my mother -in -law urged, and my grandson!I did n’t have contraceptives for half a year and did n’t conceive, so I went to the hospital to check the doctor for a meal. I said that I did n’t conceive in the infertility for two years.After some conventional examinations, the results were displayed in the B -ultrasound 5 cm cysts ~ I went home to make an appointment for surgery. The surgeon was contacted.Is there any possibility of pregnancy? As a result, the result is so magical. Now the baby is 15 months old, very healthy!

To determine whether it is pregnant.I deliberately poured leftovers to the dog’s dirty plate to see that I would be disgusting.Because the stray dogs in the countryside are dirty.Usually I’m disgusting that day, so I feel pregnant

I especially like children. After marriage, I bought a pregnancy test paper. Except for my aunt, I tested for 4 years as soon as I tested it.I ca n’t believe it when I was in the time. I ’m afraid that the paper test will expire. The pharmacy bought 3 different brands.Don’t worry.

I was pregnant with my husband 17, I was pregnant three a year, I took a contraceptive pill, I was still pregnant, and I came again in the second year. I can get married in the third year.Lice, it’s too easy to win the bidding

I also deceived a period of time that I usually have a long menstrual period. After three months, I feel that things are not good for more than ten days late. I feel bad., I have been waiting for almost three months before I went to the hospital to check to confirm that I was pregnant. I only knew that the test strip was almost two months after the test paper was tested.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I dreamed that I was playing with a beautiful little girl myself. I was pregnant with my son because my daughter just spoke to know that my neighbor had a son and said in front of me to play with her.Over the end, okay, the menstruation did not come when menstruation really came

We did not take measures at a time and then had it. The aunt was postponed for a day, and I felt bad. After buying the test strip, I had a deep and shallow. After crying for a afternoon, I was inexplicable.Annoying

I remember very clearly that I should have a menstruation on the 6.8th, and I took a test strip on the 6.2, and there were two bars.I was not pregnant for 3 years. I couldn’t tell at the time. I was happy and happy.His son is now one and a half years old, and he is sleeping little angels.

I bought a lot of ovulation test strips on the Internet.On the second day of the delivery, I tried to try the pregnancy test paper, and I found that I was pregnant.

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