How did you find that you are pregnant?Is it the same as the TV series?Netizen: Wonderful than TV

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I do n’t know if you have observed it carefully when watching the TV series. The plot about the "pregnancy" is that the average female lead saw the dishes on the table, or smelled the oily smell.Began to be disgusting.At this time, my mother -in -law or girlfriend will ask: "Are you not having?" Then the female lead took a pregnancy inspection, and it turned out to win. This kind of plot seemed to be a fixed plot. Sometimes I doubted that these pregnancy was pregnant, these pregnancy, these pregnant pregnancyThe plot is from a screenwriter, without freshness.

So how do you know that in real life, you are "pregnant?" Netizens’ reply is really a lot, which is much more exciting than playing a TV series.Let’s take a look together!

TOP.1 suspects that I am seriously ill

When a post -80s mother found that when she was pregnant, the doctor told her baby that she was full for full -time, preparing to be hospitalized!It turns out that this Baoma is relatively obese, and her menstruation is irregular, so that she did not have the slightest feet in the slightest for a few months, and her waist was thick. She thought she was seriously ill and bought a lot of folk ones.Fang Zi conditioning, one day I was uncomfortable, and I went to the hospital to know that I was pregnant. It was really big!

TOP.2 Dreaming and spiritual

There is a post -90s mother who shared that she had not been preparing for pregnancy for a long time. Later, the doctor went to the hospital to say that the fallopian tube was not smooth, so I planned to go to the hospital for treatment after the New Year.I have been working at home. At first I always dreamed of blooming beautiful flowers in the soil, so I took the test paper to test the result. Later, I went to the hospital for examination. As a result, I was really pregnant!

Top.3 Children’s prediction

This Baoma shared very interesting. One week before menstruation, her niece always ran over and said to herself quietly: Auntie, you have a little brother in your belly!After talking about 3 days, I didn’t feel much at that time. Later, the more I thought, the more we felt strange. I went to the pharmacy to buy the test strip and really became pregnant!A male baby was born nine months later. This incident made me believe that children really predict the facts of men and women.

TOP.4 second child has experience, but it also discovered inadvertently

This Baoma is a second child, so at first, she didn’t pay attention to her stomach pain at all. Later, her throat was uncomfortable. When she brushed her teeth, she was nauseous and vomited. She thought it was pharyngitis. She also ate 4 pharyngitis tablets.After buying the test strip, I was really pregnant. I have been going to the hospital for two months, and then I started to vomit. I spit it for 4 months and lost 6 pounds. Now I ’m 6 months pregnant.How to aggravate pregnant mothers.

1. Stoppoint and be accompanied by nausea and vomiting

If the menstruation of women has always been regular, even if it is irregular, it will not come for about a week, and it is accompanied by slight disgusting vomiting, or loss of appetite. At this timeDon’t care about it, go to the hospital as soon as possible.

2. Breast pain, faint abdomen pain and fatigue and drowsiness

Some women are pregnant, always feel weak, drowsiness and always can’t wake up. If it is not because of tired work, then it is likely to be pregnant. At the same time, the chest will swelling.The pain, this shows that women have been pregnant for a while, it is best to go to the hospital for examination and do the corresponding pregnancy care according to the doctor’s advice.

3. Frequent urination, a small amount of bleeding

After pregnancy, the blood and endocrine of the body will change, so there will be frequent urination, and during menstruation, it is not menstrual blood, but to exclude some cold -brown blood -like are pregnant!


Pregnancy is the most important thing for women’s life. Especially during pregnancy care, it is more related to the health of the baby, so don’t care about it. When deciding to want the baby, you must prepare for pregnancy, healthy diet, reasonable exercise and rest.Every pregnant mother can spend pregnancy health and safely, and give birth to the baby smoothly!

In the end, how do you know that you are pregnant?Is it more amazing than the above?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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