How did the mothers know that they were pregnant at that time?I thought that a tumor almost performed surgery

How did the mothers know that they were pregnant at that time?I thought that a tumor almost performed surgery

I want to say that every time I get pregnant, I know it. Well, I have n’t reached the menstrual period. Someone in the dream directly told me that I was pregnant.

At five o’clock that morning, I suddenly woke up, and I suddenly thought. Today, my husband is not as good as you can check it. If you have it, you can save a birthday gift. As a result, there are really two bars.

Around a month!After a few days after menstruation, the body collapsed softly, and I wanted to sleep every day.I thought I had a cold, and I couldn’t sleep all day long.Test the test strips, two bars.

When I was pregnant with my son, I always thought that after the menstruation was wrong, because I had been wrong, I still reminded others to test the second child for two years. In April, my dad was hospitalized and suddenly remembered that the case was not afraid of the fake.No test, when my dad finished the operation, I remembered the regular holiday or there was no symptoms. I went to buy test strips when I was pregnant. After the test, I was happy.Laughing and crying] My son thought it was a matter of rushing out of the house and asked me what happened. I was a surprise from the frightening of my father’s illness.

I was uncomfortable two days ago. I got up early and dizzy early, and my back sore legs pain. I didn’t know what happened.I went to buy a test strip at noon. Two bars. I didn’t believe this really tried it the next morning, or was there two bars?The key is that I am still the second child, and it is still so confused. The B -ultrasound inspector said that it has been 55 days. I don’t know for a few days. The staff said that I am too confused.

My mother said that when she was pregnant, I thought I had a tumor and almost performed surgery.

After I gave birth to Dabao, the menstrual volume has been less. I did n’t come for a month. I was scared to be menopause. I immediately went to the hospital for an examination. I spent more than 800 yuan, and finally told me that I was pregnant.

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