How did the ancients know that they were pregnant?The pregnancy test method is announced, many people will be fortunate to be in modern times

Now I want to know if there are many ways to get pregnant. Most people will use the pregnancy test stick. Time has time to go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound. These methods can accurately let girls know if they have a successful pregnancy.The phenomenon also mainly uses modern medical technology.

Many people are particularly curious. How do women know after the ancient medicine?Maybe after you read, you will be glad to choose in modern times.

01 How did the ancients know that they were pregnant?The pregnancy test method is announced, many people will be fortunate to be in modern times


In ancient times, "pregnancy" was usually called "harm", which should be regarded as some performance in the early stages of pregnancy. In ancient times, the little couple who was just married in ancient times wanted to eat sourness if there was nausea, so my mother -in -law would be particularly happy.He even pulled his daughter -in -law’s hand and said, "I will hold my grandson."

At this time, the whole family will be ordered to be delicious, drink, and serve their daughter -in -law. This is a very obvious way to identify in the early pregnancy.Of course, it may be because I have a too digestion for eating too much, but I did not think about it at that time.


In ancient times, there was no western medicine, mainly traditional Chinese medicine. Generally, when a woman is harmful, her mother -in -law or husband will ask the girl to ask the doctor outside., Do not allow others to disturb, the general result is "Xixi".

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, "Xixi Mai" is also called "finger slippage". In simple terms, if the doctor feels the beads in the veins of the visiting person, you can put away the serious expression and laugh.The visiting person said, "Madam, you have a happy", this method is also a method of ancient times.

Self -examination

At the same time, women can also judge whether they are pregnant with their own feelings, or some obvious physiological changes.

For example, there is no monthly thing, and it is different from the previous way, which can be diagnosed according to what methods mentioned above, and the accurate probability is relatively high.

02 Suggestions on modern pregnancy test

Many people will lament some of ancient methods after understanding some ancient methods, which is more convenient and relieved, but for women who want to know if they are pregnant, the pregnancy test stick is just a basic judgment.Pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital for examination in time, so as to further confirm whether it is pregnant or ectopic pregnancy.

If there is bleeding or fainting in the early pregnancy, it is likely to be an ectopic pregnancy. If you go to the hospital for diagnosis, the doctor will suggest that you terminate your pregnancy as soon as possible.

Even if the fetus is normal and a good pregnant woman, she has to go to the hospital for pregnancy on time. In this process, in addition to the B -ultrasound examination, there must be various key examinations such as Tang sieve, large rows of abnormalities to avoid accidents to avoid accidents.The situation does not know.

Knowledge extension

In the medieval European countries, doctors will judge whether they are pregnant by observing women’s urine or taste women’s urine.

There are text records that the color of "clear or gray" light lemon "in the urine of pregnant women will appear more" cloud -shaped "on the surface.Can.

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