How can Zhang Zilin get pregnant?

On the afternoon of March 13th, Zhang Zilin posted photos of meeting with friends on Weibo, and wrote: "On this beautiful weekend, with good friends, he ate the first birthday cake this year." In the photo, Zhang Zilin, Zhang Zilin,Holding the cake with a photo with friends, the pregnant belly "disappeared" magically.

How to settle after pregnancy:

1. Be happy

Traditional Chinese medicine has always attached importance to the pathogenic effect of seven emotions (anger, joy, sadness, thought, terror, shock, and disturbance).Do not think too much about thinking, and the feelings should not be excited.If the maternity is imbalanced, the fetus is prone to mental behavior symptoms after delivery.

2. Be careful and warm

Pregnant women should pay attention to cold and cold, especially avoiding fever diseases.Because "time qi" (guiding "evil qi" of epidemic diseases) can hurt fetuses, pregnant women prevent such diseases is more important than ordinary people.

3. Make a diet

Eating spicy and spicy food can make the fetus suffer from the "fetal fever" certificate (after giving birth, red, red skin, crying, prone to fever, easy to produce sores), cold and cold and the fetus can easily suffer from "tire cold"Certificate (colorful after birth, no warm limbs, not sucking milk, abdominal pain, diarrhea); diet is biased and insufficient nutrition, which will form "tire timidity", The chimney door is wide open, and the disease is susceptible to death).Therefore, the diet of pregnant women should be rich and diverse.


After pregnancy, keep appropriate activities in order to make the blood and blood smoothly, and childbirth smoothly.If you sleep too much, you will not be able to give birth.However, it should also be noted that do not excessively force, so as not to damage the mother, and the fetus is inherently insufficient.

5. Stop far away

In the early pregnancy, the same room is likely to cause abortion of the fetus. In the later stage, the same room may cause premature birth. Moreover, lust can also be "fetal poison", and children are susceptible to fever disease after birth.

Foods that cannot be touched during pregnancy:

Pork liver: Finland and the United States have proposed to pregnant women with less advice to eat pig liver.Because of the modern feed that quickly fertilizes the livestock, too much fertilizer is added. The vitamin A content is high, resulting in a large amount of accumulation in animal liver.Pregnant women eat pig liver, and a large amount of vitamin A will easily enter the body, which is very harmful to the fetal development and may even teratogen.

Barley: It is a kind of medicine and food, and Chinese medicine believes that its quality is smooth.Pharmacological experiments have proved that coix kernels have an exciting effect on the smooth muscle of the uterine, which can cause uterine contraction, and therefore may induce abortion.

Turtle: Although it has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the kidneys, turtles are salty and cold, and have a strong role in passing blood connection and dispersing stasis.More stronger.

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