How can pregnant mothers get rid of the trouble of vaginitis?

Vaginitis is a very common disease. This kind of disease is not a big problem for women who are not pregnant. As long as you take some anti -inflammatory drugs, you can add it., It is not like a treatment when you are not pregnant, because at this time, if you accidentally take the medicine, it will affect the health of the fetus, so how can pregnant mothers solve the vaginitis?

1. Why are pregnant women easily "causing" vaginitis?

Mold vaginitis is a relatively easy disease for pregnant women. Pregnant women are also high -incidence people. This is mainly because the level of sex hormone after pregnancy has increased, which has also increased in glycogen in vaginal epithelium.It will also increase.For Candida, these environments are conducive to their breeding in large quantities.Of course, mothers don’t have to worry about that this germs do not go upward through the cervix, penetrate the fetal membrane infection with the fetus, causing premature birth.However, there will be another problem, that is, the fetus will be infected with Candida when giving birth. Most of these germs will cause the baby’s oral phylogenic disease, that is, a goose and mouth, and some babies have rosary around the anus.Moric dermatitis.In order to avoid the baby’s infection at birth, the mother still has the need to treat vaginitis during pregnancy.

2. Can’t take medicine by yourself during pregnancy

So let’s take a look at how pregnant women can treat medication. Due to pregnancy, the medication will be different during pregnancy. Pay attention to the effect of the drug on the fetus.For flushing drugs, you can rinse the vulva, but do not rinse the vagina to prevent the drug from affecting the fetus.

3. How does pregnant women prevent vaginitis?

Women who are pregnant are preferably cotton, which is comfortable and breathable. At the same time, there are naked sleeping habits. It can also be changed properly. Because naked sleeping will increase the chance of bacterial infection. At the same timeFragrance sanitary cotton strips or sanitary napkins, pay attention to wipe the direction when going to the toilet. After going from the go, you can avoid bringing bacteria into the vagina. If you find that your body is uncomfortable, you must go to the hospital for treatment and consultation in time.You can also check with your husband and treat them in time.

Vaginitis is not a big problem, but after pregnancy, this problem must be paid attention to, because it will affect the health of the baby, so if you are sick, you have to treat it. This is the responsibility of the baby.

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