How can I get pregnant quickly, experts teach you a few tricks

For women who have always wanted to get pregnant, how to get pregnant is a question that tangled her.Today, Xiaobian will help you dispel this tangling, telling you how to get pregnant quickly, hoping to help you.How can I get pregnant quickly? Xiaobian mainly explain this problem from the better time and pregnancy posture, etc. I hope to help you solve the doubts of how to get pregnant.

1. Choose a suitable time for conception

First of all, the physical condition is good. It is a time when the pregnancy is arranged in the period when both sides work or are not tight. Pay attention to the environment of working or living before pregnancy.Isolation for a period of time again.If you take contraceptives, you should stop taking the medicine first, and it is advisable to use the tools to conceive after half a year.

The family’s economic situation is also one of the issues that should be considered before pregnancy. It is good that you have a certain savings before you arrange your pregnancy.Seasonal choices, all things in spring, full of spiritual spirit, the development of essence and egg cells at this time; while 3 months of pregnancy is a period of formation of fetal brain and nervous system.Pregnant women bring spiritual pleasure, and there are a variety of fruits and vegetables. It provides pregnant women to choose from, diverse nutritional and rich foods, and provide favorable conditions for the development of the fetus.

Generally speaking, at the end of winter, it is a season for various viral diseases, such as rubella, flu, mumps, etc. Once pregnant women are infected, it is easy to cause fetal malformations, and winter conception.Hot will bring inconvenience to pregnant women and baby life.

2. Appropriate conception posture

Couples must not only have sex, but also pay attention to the appropriate posture in the same room.How to get pregnant and research show that men and women and women can make sperm deeper into the uterus.Similarly, if women have a orgasm, frequent contraction will also bring sperm into the uterus.Do not use artificial lubricants, glycerin, or even saliva, which may kill sperm.

3. Condition your body

Prepare your diet to adjust your diet from 3 months to 1 year before pregnancy.Reduce the intake of artificial sweetening, caffeine, and alcohol: If your eating habits make you particularly like certain substances (many people are like this), you must adjust it.Give you some very real suggestions: reduce artificial sweet flavors, and gradually stay away from caffeine, soda, coffee (300 mg caffeine per day can reduce pregnancy ability by 27%), stop drinking or just drink occasionally.Stop taking various stimulants, if you smoke, then you have to quit smoking.The above substances and bad habits will cause the baby.

Therefore, women who want to conceive their babies may wish to read more books about pregnant women in order to prepare more comprehensive pregnancy.If there is no pregnancy after marriage or suspecting that they are infertile, it is recommended that patients with friends accumulated to professional hospitals for examination and treatment.If there is anything else in the above introduction, please communicate!

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