How can I break the eczema during pregnancy?

According to statistics, women suffer from eczema about 5%due to endocrine changes during pregnancy. Many pregnant women find that they have eczema on their bodies, and they will panic and use medicine.In fact, through the correct care, eczema can generally recover by itself.In severe cases, you can ask the doctor, using some drugs, there is no need to fury.

As far as eczema is concerned, there is no specific disease area, and the facial, neck, waist, limbs, etc. are relatively common onset parts.At first, eczema was small red pimples or erythema, which gradually increased and blisted, and itching was obvious.Because of the different constitutions, some people are distributed, and some people are clustered. Some people are relatively light, some are serious, and even yellow and white scales and scalp skin will appear.

When eczema occurs, pregnant women should go to the doctor in time.Note that do not scratch eczema. Grab eczema may cause erosion and exudation. In severe cases, it will develop to the whole body. In case of accidental infection, pustules, local lymph nodes, and fever may occur.

So why do pregnant women have eczema?

Pregnant women’s eczema is because more estrogen and progesterone secrete secreted in the body than usual, it is easy to be hot and hot, and emotional unstable. Moreover, the immunity of pregnant women will decrease. Therefore, the possibility of eczema is greatly increased.Pregnant women should note that about 6 months of pregnancy are the peak period of eczema, and diet should be a little bit lighter during this time.

What should I do if I unfortunately have eczema?

First, seek medical treatment in time.You can ask doctors to prescribe some topical medicines according to the condition, and consult the doctor, which antipruritic drugs can be used to remove itching and prevent scratching.

Second, diet.You need to avoid spicy and greasy foods, eat more fruits and fruits.

Third, keep the skin moist and cool.Try to let pregnant women sweat less, and pay attention to sun protection. If in summer, you can turn on the air conditioner appropriately.When taking a bath, the water should not be too hot.

Fourth, clothing.Choose pure cotton, breathable, soft clothing to avoid numbness, silk, and chemical fiber clothing.When laundry, choose a mild and low -sensitive cleaning agent.

Fifth, body care.Take a bath with a baby shower gel, use a low -sensitive skin cream, and appropriately apply moisturizing oil.

Pregnant women have eczema, do not panic, do not scratch eczema, keep the skin moisturizing, and do nursing in all aspects, they will basically heal.According to the doctor’s advice, use some ointments in moderation, such as pine (Youzor) with hydrogenation, or Momeson (Eloson).Finally, remind you that the drug cannot be used for a long time. Once you control the condition, you must consider minus or stop the drug!


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