How can a woman who has experienced "cohabitation" tells the current husband, don’t be frank for the sake of feelings

"My dear, how many boyfriends did you have had before me"

In the evening, Bingbing and her husband snuggled together, her husband touched her past curiously.

Bingbing blinked her eyes, looking at her man alertly.

"I’m just curious, you tell me, guarantee that he will not be angry" Husband’s vowing to her.

Finally, Bingbing compromised "Five or six!"

My husband’s eyebrows began to tremble slightly. "Is it my handsome, or they are handsome?"

The atmosphere suddenly began to change, and the sweet atmosphere at the beginning became tense instantly.

"It’s okay," Bingbing inadvertently answered.

Her husband heard that his lips were a little trembling, his voice raised eight degrees, and continued to ask:

"Why do you break up with them"

"Have you ever loved them"

"Do you have XXOO with them?"


Bingbing actually told her husband without reservation, and calmly was like telling the story of others.

The remaining pictures can be imagined, very discordant!

The man changed from the tenderness of the beginning to a roar, and then crazy!

In the end, no matter how Bingbing explained, it seemed so pale.

Because in the eyes of her husband, this woman is not clean enough, because she has too many past to make herself unacceptable.

Caring about women’s past is not unique to Chinese men. Nearly 99%of men around the world minded that their wives or girlfriends had a man who had someone else in the past.

From the perspective of psychology, men are a very possessive animal, especially in terms of sexual emotions. They look extraordinarily selfish.

So they are very eager to know whether their women’s past is "innocent", so that everything can be done, and even coaxing and deception must set up women’s past.

And when they knew that their women had "stains", their hearts began to become quite restless and jealous, and finally they even had hostile emotions.

So when facing men’s "coaxing", women should not be too simple.

Proper "lies" is more conducive to stabilizing your feelings.

And you don’t have to have a burden on this, because all the "lies" you say are standing at the highest point of morality -maintaining the love between you.

In the face of men’s "soul torture", women must learn to deal with clever responses. This can not only resolve the crisis between you, but also increase the relationship between you:

01. Learn to be coquettish

"My dear, you are the first man I really love" "

"Be with you, I really realize the joy of being a woman"

When men hear this, their vanity will be well satisfied.

Even if he suspects, they will persuade themselves to believe that it is true, because no man is willing to face the fact that his woman has been eliminated.

On the contrary, they would rather choose to live under your "good -faith lie" forever.

02. Proper interrogation

"Husband, can you tell me about your past first?"

You know, none of the men are completely "clean".

Before you, your man has more or less "pleasant" with her women.

When they were asked about their "unclean" past, they would inevitably feel a little guilty.

Most of them choose to hide and mix the level.Naturally, I will not continue to ask your past.

At this time, smart women will choose to stop and transfer other topics.

【Heart Language】

I was just an accident for you; you were a love for me.A person thinks he has forgotten his unforgettable memories, and others have forgotten.Some people’s love is just falling in love with "love".The dedication is not just like one person in his life, but when you like one person.

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