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Why can Shidunzi "cure" dysmenorrhea?

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Jiang Rong, deputy director and chief physician of the Third Hospital of Changsha City, suggested that there is no scientific basis for treatment of dysmenorrhea and other recipes. Dysmenorrhea must first analyze the cause and eliminate the quality lesions of the device, and use scientific means to relieve pain.

Analysis of the cause must be analyzed first

There is no scientific basis for sitting in Shidun Treatment

To solve the troubles of dysmenorrhea, we must first understand the type and cause of dysmenorrhea.Jiang Rong introduced that dysmenorrhea is divided into primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea. People often say that dysmenorrhea is generally primary dysmenorrhea.

Secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by organic diseases, such as genital obstruction, endometriosis, tumor, etc., which need to be found to be detected to relieve dysmenorrhea for treatment for primary diseases.Primary dysmenorrhea is because the endometrium will secrete a large number of prostaglandins when falling off. When these substances are too much, or the uterus is too sensitive to the secreted prostaglandin, it will cause primary dysmenorrhea.

When girls experience dysmenorrhea, they usually hold a hot water bottle to relieve pain.However, Jiang Rong explained that the primary dysmenorrhea was because the smooth muscle and the blood vessels in the uterine were in a state of shrinking spasm, so it would cause pain.Whether it is a warm baby or a hot water bottle, it uses temperature to expand the local blood vessels of the uterus and promote blood flow, thereby playing an effect of pain relief.

And usually, hot water bottle hot compresses or warm baby and other measures need to be carried out across the clothes. Direct contact with the heat source may cause damage to the skin.The popularity on the Internet relieves dysmenorrhea through stone pier, and Jiang Rong does not recommend trying.

Jiang Rong explained

Even if the abdomen is relieved by hot compressing abdomen, it also has a effect on the abdomen.

The stone pier not only has many dust and bacteria placed on the side of the road. At high temperature, its surface temperature can reach 60 or 70 degrees Celsius. Summer women’s clothes are often thinner.It is very easy to burn with mucosa, which is very unwell.

Experts remind that the female urethra mouth is an organ tissue near the external genitalia. When it is directly exposed to an object with high temperature, the mucosa is prone to heat damage, resulting in a decline in local resistance and may induce diseases such as urethral infections.

Alerting dysmenorrhea cannot be listened to

Effective may be just coincidence

Eating durian, drinking sports drinks, vitamin B films … In addition to sitting on stone pier, the recommended analgesic method recommended on the Internet.And is these methods effective, will it have an adverse effect on the body?

Jiang Rong replied that durian is a high -calorie fruit. It is not only delicious but also contains a large amount of amino acids, plant protein, and trace elements, but does not have the effect of treatment of dysmenorrhea. Eating durians during menstruation will not relieve pain.

Some netizens believe that drinking sports drinks can relieve dysmenorrhea, and there is no scientific basis.Jiang Rong said that if there are no other diseases, women will not produce electrolyte imbalances during menstruation, and they will not cause electrolyte imbalance and water shortage due to dysmenorrhea, so there is no need to rely on drinking sports beverages to relieve dysmenorrhea.

Vitamin B cannot alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Vitamin B is mainly used for malnutrition, anorexia, beriberi, and rough skin diseases.Vitamin supplementation should follow the doctor’s advice. Any drug intake may hurt the nervous system. Vitamin B supplement excessive poisoning.

Experts remind that when female friends successfully relieve dysmenorrhea with recipes, they must consider whether it is just a psychological factors to produce a hinting effect, or just coincidence. The treatment of dysmenorrhea needs to start with the cause, first medical diagnosis, and then take scientific methods.

Primary dysmenorrhea

These methods can scientifically relieve pain

Treatment of dysmenorrhea should first exclude secondary dysmenorrhea caused by organic lesions. At the same time, it should also be ruled out whether there are pregnancy -related diseases. For example, ectopic pregnancy and threatening abortion may also cause symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, bleeding, and dysmenorrhea.

After excluding the qualitative lesions, women who are determined to be primary dysmenorrhea can intervene in advance, grasp the timing of their dysmenorrhea, take painkillers in advance or use sodium sodium dysplate suppository for pain relief.Jiang Rong introduced that the sodium dioclinic acid suppositories were administered through the anus. They did not need to be metabolized by the liver, and directly used the uterine local area. The effect was fast, and the gastrointestinal discomfort produced when some women were taking ibuprofen.

Jiang Rong reminded that women should pay attention to their living habits in their lives, especially when they are near menstrual periods, such as drinking less cold drinks and eating less ice cream, which can help avoid dysmenorrhea.Because cold drinks can cause smooth muscle contraction, the uterus is also composed of smooth muscles. Eating and drinking cold food can easily cause dysmenorrhea, and even cause premature dysmenorrhea and exacerbate dysmenorrhea.Usually, use cold water to wash less, and women do not use too cold water to bath, wash their feet, etc.

During dysmenorrhea, drinking some ginger tea or brown sugar water can relieve pain and reduce the chance of dysmenorrhea. You can also perform indirect heat compresses on the abdomen. Do not directly contact the abdominal skin with the heat source.

Recently, a hot online drama "Menghua Record" has appeared in Angelica Astragalus and Wolfberry. The protagonist in the play is used to relieve dysmenorrhea. On the Internet, there are also some netizens who recommend various "flower tea" formulas that relieve dysmenorrhea.Jiang Rong emphasized that angelica and astragalus are Chinese medicinal materials. Angelica also has the effect of promoting blood circulation. It is easy to cause damage to the body at will not follow the doctor’s advice. Women taking Chinese medicinal materials such as angelica during menstruation may cause adverse effects such as increased menstrual flow.No matter what purpose is to take traditional Chinese medicine, you should follow the doctor’s order or be carried out under the guidance of a professional pharmacist.

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