Hong Kong beauty anchors are about to be pregnant in September!The body is full, the skin is white to glowing

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The wife of the well -known male star and the second generation of star Chen Yuchen, the beauty anchor Lin Youwei has been pregnant for more than 9 months, and the pelvis is imminent!

It is understood that Lin Youwei’s due date is in December this year. She is about to upgrade her mother. She has been preparing for pregnancy at home and doing the final sprint.

Recently, Chen Yuchen, who has always been named "Love Wife", also exposed his wife’s pregnant belly photo on social media, and left a message to express his high -profile confessed each other. It once again aroused the heated discussion and the attention of the media.

From the photo photos, we can see that the couple wore simple white T -shirts and white pregnant women’s skirts. Both of them have a high value. The proper golden boy and jade girl, Lang Cai’s appearance is quite good.

Lin Youwei, who was pregnant for more than 9 months, was in a state of state.With exquisite makeup, the skin is white to glow, the pregnant belly is particularly large, and the whole body is still full.Women who are pregnant are the most beautiful and are not exaggerated to Lin Youwei.

And Chen Yuchen also left a message on social media that Lin Youwei has been going well since 9 months of pregnancy and has not suffered too much pregnancy.At the same time, he also confessed his love wife with a high profile and was the princess in his life.

In June this year, Lin Youwei suddenly disclosed the news of pregnancy on social media.In fact, Lin Youwei and Chen Yuchen have known each other for 10 years. They officially registered for marriage in 2017 and formed a family.

After the marriage, the couple had no plan to make people because of their careers.But as he grows, the two have also followed it in the past two years, until this year finally compensated.

Since the news of the presence of pregnancy, Lin Youwei has often shared the little bit of her pregnancy life on social media.Sometimes it is a photo, sometimes it is limited time, and sometimes it is a short video.

It can be seen that Lin Youwei did not live a deep life during pregnancy, but was particularly active.Even with the stomach swimming and jumping exercises, his mentality was quite relaxed, and he could not see the slightest tension.

Some time ago, Lin Youwei and Chen Yuchen also held a special Baby Show party to open up a female baby in the belly.

At that time, Chen Yuchen’s mother and father, Shi Xiu, a well -known frozen -age male god in Hong Kong, all attended. The family of four took photos in the same frame, which was also particularly eye -catching.

In fact, Lin Youwei and Chen Yuchen’s husband and wife made success. The happiest is Shi Xiu.Because in an interview with the media earlier, Shi Xiu repeatedly revealed that he wanted to hug his grandchildren, hoping that his son Chen Yuchen would be better.Today, Shi Xiu is finally about to upgrade to Grandpa, and naturally he is particularly excited.

As a second -generation star, Chen Yuchen has not been low attention over the years.Although the acting career does not have a good development of his father Shi Xiu, he still has a certain reputation in Hong Kong.

In his early years, Chen Yulin also signed TVB and filmed in the company for many years.Despite Shi Xiu’s son, Chen Yuchen did not obtain good film and television resources. Most of the time, he was a supporting role in the episode.

As for Chen Yuchen’s beautiful wife Lin Youwei, she is also a person in the entertainment industry.In her early years, she was an anchor on cable TV stations in Hong Kong, and was well known to the outside world because of her sweet appearance and plump figure.

It is worth mentioning that Lin Youwei and Chen Yuchen’s parents get along very well.Even because of his face with his father -in -law’s face, the behavior of the two seemed too close to the outside world, and once caused a lot of controversy.

Finally, I hope that the baby in Lin Youwei’s belly will be born safely!We must also congratulate Lin Youwei and Chen Yuchen’s husband and wife to upgrade to be parents, and congratulations to Shi Xiu to be grandpa.

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