Hometown firework economy

A bowl of powder is enough to solve a nostalgia.

When hundreds of millions of Chinese people embarked on their home journey, the rising fireworks were rising.The reunification returns, "New Year Consumption" has become the protagonist of this Spring Festival.The Beijing News Shell Financial reporter walked into the town, recording the taste of the hometown on the tongue, and looking for the "hot" small town story.

A bowl of small noodles officially opened the life of Chongqing people.Photo by the Beijing News Shell Financial Reporter Qin Che

There is a song in Chongqing, the lyrics said: "A bowl of noodles, two or two just right, three flavors, the Quartet comes, five stools, six people eat, seven kinds of seasonings, eight spoonfuls of peppers, and then bowls, there are not enough peppercorns, soYou can’t reach our robe. "

Among them, the daily diet of Chongqing people -small noodles.

The day of the vast majority of Chongqing people is opened by a bowl of spicy and delicious noodles.As the most popular cuisine, Chongqing’s noodles are the same as Chongqing hot pot. They are in the streets and alleys, attracting the patron of locals and foreign tourists.

The noodle is also engraved in the bones of Chongqing.Every New Year, Chongqing people returning from different places will eat a bowl of spicy noodles, so that the taste of the family is scattered in the mouth.

This humble small face is creating a huge industry.According to statistics, there are currently 84,000 small noodle shops in Chongqing, with an average daily sales of more than 12 million bowls, with an annual output value of more than 40 billion yuan.The Chongqing Municipal Small Noodle Association estimates that there are currently more than 380,000 Chongqing noodle shops in the country, creating an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan.

However, compared with the same type of Liuzhou snail powder and Wuhan hot noodles, the road of industrialization of Chongqing’s small noodles has not been smooth.Factors such as standardized, industrialized products, and poor online sales have all become obstacles to restrict the development of the small surface industry.

After the pain and pain, the Chongqing government began to vigorously build a small noodle brand.From shaping the regional public brands to the release of group standards, to the establishment of an industrial park and developing online e -commerce.Perhaps in the near future, small noodles can allow diners across the country to enjoy the authentic flavor from Shancheng without leaving home.

As the most authentic food in Chongqing, countless diners are lined up every day.

From the hawker’s shoulders, to the streets

In Chongqing, Shancheng, you have to ask what breakfast eats. Almost every local people will answer without hesitation: Xiao Nian!

The so -called small noodles refers to the plain surface without any head.In addition to the noodles, only green vegetables and materials are added, and then a spoonful of noodle soup made after a few hours, a bowl of delicious noodles is released.

Small noodle culture originated from the street.In the old days, hawkers provoked the basket with a flat burden to shuttle in the house.On the one side of the flat side is the charcoal stove, on the one side is noodles and materials.Someone greeted it, and then opened the lid and boiled a little noodle with hot water.After many years of changes, Xiaoyan changed from the hawker’s shoulders to the street store.

Chongqing people’s love for Xiaotian is from the lungs.Every morning, the large and small noodle restaurants in the city are crowded with or dressed in glorious fashionable young people, or wearing casual ordinary residents.People squeezed in front of a few square tables holding a bowl of noodles, and buried their heads to deal with the hot bowl of noodles in front of them.

"After a small noodle, it was considered a day of life." A diner said to the Beijing Newspaper Financial reporter.

Each time Wei Siyu, who worked in other places, returned to Chongqing, usually went straight to the noodle restaurant after getting off the plane.When a chopstick noodle is clipped, it is the taste of home.

"Chongqing people’s concerns about small noodles are no less than hot pot. The hot pot cannot be eaten every day, but the small noodles have become many daily choices for Chongqing people." Wei Siyu said, "Almost every Chongqing people eat small people who eat small people.When you grow up, it is like a symbol deep into your bones. "

As the most famous label in Chongqing, small noodles are similar to hot pot. They are also the first impression of many foreigners in Chongqing, and they are also the first part of the Sichuan -Chongqing culture.

"Every time you come to Chongqing, you will go to the small noodle restaurant according to recommendation." Tang Ting, who was looking through the Raiders of the "Chongqing Small Noodle 50 Rankings" in the mobile phone, was planning where to enjoy the most authentic noodles the next day.Too much, there are many houses in almost every street. Even if you change the store every day, you have to spend a few months. "

According to statistics from the Chongqing Daily, there are 84,000 small noodles stores in Chongqing, with an average daily sales of more than 12 million bowls, an annual output value of more than 40 billion yuan, and about 500,000 employees.

If the output value of the small noodle industry chain is estimated, including the upstream raw material production, the seasoning of the midstream and the foundation products, the small noodles with a sales of 100 million yuan can directly drive the flour sales of 1,000 tons and 400 tons of peppers.Claiming is 50 tons, rapeseed oil sales are 1,000 tons, and mustard sales are 50 tons.

At the 27th China Chef’s Day held in 2017, Chongqing won the "China Small Noodle Capital" signing by the Chinese Culinary Association.

"Xiao Na is one of Chongqing’s unique urban cultural symbols and the most authentic local specialties. Several noodle restaurants can be seen almost every street, which attracts the patronage of locals and foreign tourists." Wei Siyu said.

A noodle shop clerk is cooking noodles for guests.

Heirs: two or three hundred bowls of below every day

The blowout of Chongqing’s small noodle business has made the noodle shop operators no longer limited to middle -aged and elderly people in traditional cognition, and a large number of young people have begun to pour in.

"The earliest parents were running a small noodle business." After the 90s, Qin Hao opened a noodle restaurant in the local area. Since the memory of the memory, he has a relationship with Xiao Nian. He stayed in the noodle restaurant almost every day and watched his parents watching his parents.While greeting the guests enthusiastically, he picked his noodles beyond skilled.

After graduating from college, Qin Hao took over the work of his parents.Over the years, he has made him not need to spend time learning at all, let alone worry about customers. His parents have been working hard for many years."Many of the old -fashioned guests who have been in the past 30 years have almost watched me grow up." Qin Hao said.

"There are a lot of customers during the morning to 10 o’clock in the morning. Two or three hundred bowls of noodles will be put on each day. They often get numb. After the guests leave, they need to prepare the ingredients at noon when they rest." Qin Hao told that Qin Hao told thatReporter, "Basically, there is no rest day for a year. If you encounter the New Year, the store is even more busy, and parents will come to help to play seasonings and do some miscellaneous work."

This noodle restaurant with a area of less than 60 square meters is endless every morning, middle and evening.After a month, operating income can reach 80,000 yuan.

Unlike Qin Hao, who inherited the "family business", Liu Ran, who also opened the noodle restaurant in Chongqing, watched the documentary "Hey, Little Noodles" in 2014, and became interested in small noodles. "I especially like small noodles.The spicy and fresh fragrance, so I germinated the idea of going in and out. "

In order to improve its competitiveness, Liu Ran made a market research in advance.He deliberately tried to eat a number of noodle restaurants in Chongqing to determine the taste that was more accepted by the diners. At the same time, he also deliberately decorated his noodle restaurant to attract young customers. "In addition to eating noodle needs, there is also demand for photo.You must get the decoration, it makes people feel that eating noodles is also a very tide. "

At less than 6 o’clock every morning, Qin Hao opened the door early.Boil the water in the pot, cut the onion ginger and garlic carefully, check the ingredients of chili oil, minced peanuts, etc., and then carefully wipe the wooden tables and stools in the shop.Apply for guests to come.

Soon, the noodles came to the door, and many people shouted "Boss, two or two, Shaoqing" or "three or two, dry and yellow" before entering the store.

This is the unique "secret" of Chongqing people."Shaoqing" means that less green vegetables are put, "dry slip" means not soup, "提“ "means that the noodles are slightly hard and more chewy.

Qin Hao counted a account: The annual cost of the noodle shop is 80,000 yuan, and the decoration costs 20,000 yuan. Now the store can reach 60,000 yuan per month."Two running churches and a speculatory master, and a total of nearly 15,000 yuan in water and electricity costs fixed with fixed expenditures each month, and then deducted the ingredients of the purchase, which can earn almost 30,000 yuan per month."

According to data from Chongqing Small Noodle Association, more than 60%of the 84,000 small noodle shops in Chongqing are residents and college students in the city. The annual net income of a single store generally exceeds 150,000 yuan.Small noodle shops with particularly good business have even reached millions of yuan in annual pure income.

"Opening the noodle restaurant is a hard work. I ca n’t sleep lazily every day, and I do n’t have a rest day. I can rest for two or three days in the New Year.” Qin Hao said, "But now there are more and more young people in the opening restaurant. In addition to making money,Maybe I hope to make this food spread further through myself. "

Create a brand: Let the authentic small face get out of Chongqing

Although the annual output value of Chongqing has exceeded 40 billion yuan, it is still supported by offline physical stores.Compared with Wuhan hot noodles and Liuzhou snail powder, such as local snacks, market development has been restricted by various factors such as standardized, small industrialized products and poor online sales.

Sales data from e -commerce platforms such as JD.com and Tmall show that in 2020, the sales of Liuzhou snail powder have reached 10.56 billion yuan, and the sales of Chongqing small noodles in the same period were only one -tenth.

"I saw the small noodles in Chongqing in the supermarket in the foreign country. After buying it, I found that it was far from that." Wei Siyu told reporters that he had bought a small noodle before, but after eating, he found that the taste and taste were very ordinary. "" It can not represent it at all.Authentic Chongqing noodles. "

In fact, the channel promotion was insufficient, and it was once troubled by Chongqing’s small noodles.Earlier, Qin Yun, chairman of the Chongqing small noodle brand "Qin Yun Old Mrs. Platinism", said that he tried to make Chongqing small noodles into products like instant noodles to the whole country. The upstream and downstream industries were immature.And failed to achieve the expected effect.

"Now many noodles with the banner of" Chongqing Noodles "are not produced in Chongqing. Not only are tastes easy to mislead foreign consumers, but they don’t even rule out the risk of brand loss." A small noodle practitioner told reporters.

In order to break the situation, Chongqing Dadukou District officially took Chongqing Xiaotian as one of the 500 billion -level industrial clusters in the region for key cultivation, and established the Chongqing Small Noodle Industrialization Promotion Association to introduce a series of industrial support and investment promotion supporting policies.

The reporter from the Beijing News Shell Finance learned that Dadukou District has uniformly shaped the "Chongqing Xiaotian Chongqing Creation" regional public brand image for the pre -packaging Chongqing noodles.At the same time, the "Chongqing Small Noodle" group standards were also prepared to regulate the terms and definitions of Chongqing small noodles, the supplementary materials, and quality of the Chongqing noodles.

In August 2022, the Chongqing Economic Information Commission awarded the title of "Chongqing Small Face Industrial Park" in Dadukou District, which marked that Chongqing Xiaoman officially had the first industrial carrier.Today, 31 well -known online and below brands and raw material suppliers including spicy camelism, gold medal dryness, and Qin Yun’s old lady stalls have settled in.

"It is expected that in the next three years, hundreds of new noodles brands in Chongqing will hatch, cultivate 3 to 5 leading companies with an output value level, and enhance the market competitiveness and influence of Chongqing Xiaotian."Director of the Service Center Peng Zhongming said in an interview with the media.

In addition, Tmall Chongqing’s official flagship store is also officially launched."In the future, the Chongqing Xiaotian is not authentic in Chongqing bought online, depending on whether there is any authorization of the" Chongqing Xiaotian Chongqing Creation "regional public brand trademark." The person in charge of the China Merchants Investment Bureau of Dadukou District introduced.

On January 25, the reporter from the Beijing News Shell Finance logged in to this store noticed that there are currently 21 products on the shelves.These include brands such as gold medal, Meng Fei’s small noodles, and spicyism.

Also according to the data report of Douyin E -commerce in August 2022, in a 7 -day online event, Chongqing’s small -faced sales surged, up 1364%year -on -year.

"Although it is still a bit different from eating in the noodle restaurant, it is rare to be able to eat such an authentic noodle in the field." A Chongqing person told reporters.

With the help of many parties, more and more brands of Chongqing have begun to move towards the national market."In the future, Chongqing’s small noodles will inevitably be like snail powder, hot dry noodles and other products, so that diners in all places will enjoy authentic Chongqing noodle authentic flavors." Qin Hao said.

Beijing News Shell Financial Reporter Qin Che Editor Wang Jinyu School Metropolitan Liu Jun

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