High temperature and heat, her mother -in -law refused to turn on the air conditioner, causing her daughter -in -law to make a heat stroke and enters the ICU to rescue. The daughter -in -law was helpl

“”In the summer of June, Guangdong is 38 degrees of high temperature weather.There is a scorching sun outside, and the house is steamed braised. If there is no air conditioner to bring cool people, it may really want people’s life.

There is such a family in Guangdong. My mother -in -law was pregnant because her daughter -in -law was pregnant, so she specially took care of her daughter -in -law at home.

Or to save electricity costs.After all, it is known that Guangdong’s electricity bills are not cheap, and even some people move the rice cooker to the public toilet in order to save electricity.Essence

In the 38 -degree high -temperature weather, the mother -in -law was not allowed to blow the air conditioner who had been pregnant for 20 weeks. His daughter -in -law repeatedly opposed it, saying that blowing air conditioners did not have much impact on pregnant women. This cool air was not harmful to the baby.However, they were rejected by her mother -in -law, and the air -conditioning remote control was hidden by her mother -in -law. The daughter -in -law told her mother -in -law that she had to do her mouth. It was really helpless.

The outside is very dry, the room is stuffy and hot, the fan blows all the hot wind. The daughter -in -law was helplessly lying in the room. After a long time, she felt cold sweat and dizzy, but the woman didn’t care.My mother -in -law found that her daughter -in -law hadn’t moved for a long time. When she went to the room, she found that her daughter -in -law was flushed, her skin was hot, her body temperature was not normal, and she was even unconscious.The daughter -in -law was sent to the hospital.

The hospital found that the pregnant woman had a serious heat stroke, and the child may not be able to keep it. After arriving at the hospital, he immediately entered the ICU to rescue. Fortunately, there was no danger, and the woman was safe.

The woman felt that the mother’s old concept was wrong. The child was almost gone, and he was afraid of it.

The woman couldn’t bear it again this time, and she planned to separate with her mother -in -law after discharge. If her mother -in -law has always been like this, the consequences will be unimaginable.

The old people always stay in the previous concepts, and pregnancy cannot be cold.In fact, at that time, the experience of pregnancy and having children could not be used now.

After all, the weather at that time was not comparable to the current weather.No matter how hot it was before, it was just surface heat, but sweating, and there would be no side effects, but now the bad weather, high temperature has reached the point where people can steam people. Now in the past few yearsThe news of hot death, so we still need to take care of yourself.

In the past two years, a mother in Shandong had just returned home to confinement and went to the hospital for emergency treatment in 6 days. She had a severe coma at the hospital, her blood pressure was low, her consciousness was blurred, and they died due to heat stroke.

Just because my mother -in -law said, confinement is to cover the confinement.After giving birth to a child these days, I have been in the attic at home these days, because I am afraid of blowing the wind, and the attic is dense. At that time, the indoor temperature was as high as 36 degrees, but because of covering the confinement, the mother’s head and feet were covered.I also wear autumn clothes and autumn pants.Two days later, the pregnant woman had headaches and nausea, but the family did not take it seriously. After that, the pregnant woman suddenly became unconscious. The family found that it was late to the hospital, but it was too late to be sent to the hospital.

In fact, the old ideas and old thoughts have been disconnected from the current era, some of them should be listened, but some have reached the point of harm.Therefore, for their own bodies, daughter -in -law should fight when they should fight. After all, the body is their own. Only by themselves to themselves, the body is capital, and the body can talk about others.

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